I’ve Found An Amazing Tool! But What Is Answer The Public?

Google, Bing Or … What Is Answer The Public Anyway?

The auto suggest results which are provided by Google & Bing are a great goldmine of insight for today’s marketeers. For those that don’t know, as you type you get shown an aggregated view of the questions & therefore a hint of the inspirations & emotions of those behind each search inquiry. This is probably one of the very best but most underutilised sources of research study for content ideas. Until now … What is Answer The Public? Continue reading my article and learn how to get the very best out of this tool.

what is answer the public

Isn’t Answer The Public just Another Keyword Planner?

AnswerThePublic has been developed and maintained by the group behind CoverageBook. Discover how over 1,500 PR teams worldwide Make Coverage Reports, Faster at CoverageBook.com.

This is search insight that might and must be used by any marketing team. Creative, PR, Content, SEO – you name it!

So they constructed simple visualisations of the information. A one-pager that could be shared to trigger a conversation on how you could start addressing your public better – YOUR customers. By producing material that works, is funny or really motivating and inspiring.

This insight is there for anybody to utilize. You just need to know how to extract it. To find out more about utilizing auto complete for great ideas for your content … keep reading.

We’re all guilty of using gut-feel when it comes to getting to know our target audience.

Experts can be the very worst at this sort of stuff.

It’s time to embrace what the very clever Samuel Hulick calls the “memento technique”.

In other words. Forget whatever you believe you have learnt about your target audience!

Put yourself in their shoes. For the first time. A relatively simple, however in practise, a really hard skill to master.

Sure, we may have identified different groups of personalities, however, often these personas would have been developed from consumer studies or offline research studies. Completely valid strategies of course. However, typically expensive time wise and also expensive in monetary terms also.

That’s where online search engine insights are a fantastic thing. For everybody. Not just for SEOs and paid search groups constructing lists of words to target people with.

People type concerns into Google that they ‘d never ever ask their facebook pals or reveal in a client research survey.

This indicates that it can be an incredible source of info on what people actually wish to know.

The ideas are powered by the aggregation of all the data from searchers much like you and I.

Listed from the top to bottom based on the popularity of those searches. All provided in real-time to assist you get to an answer as quickly as possible. Very clever those Google engineers!

What a terrific method to read the mind of your target audience!

And mind reading is a pretty good ability to have when you’re trying to think of what material to develop or what hook might appeal to your potential customers.

However, trying to digg down into all of the ways individuals search in order to find the perfect content topic can take a long time. Time you do not have. That’s why these guys have produced answerthepublic.com

But what is Answer The Public? What does it do? How does it work? Well, what it does is it permits you to use your niche understanding to explore how people are discussing topics and threads within that niche. You see … if you can answer some of these questions with your content then it’s very likely that they’re your target market.

Customer Insight In Minutes! … Cool Eh? And Fantastic Keywords Everyewhere!

Let’s bring this to life with an example … Toni has a site selling shoes and is currently planning editorial content for October.

Autumn/winter boots are going to be a crucial product focus so she is planning blog posts on boots for the exact same time.

After using answerthepublic.com Toni became to realise that many potential customers don’t simply want info. on boot styles. They’re actually looking for more.



What is Answer The Public?

The data answerthepublic.com provided back has actually triggered many new ideas beyond simply boots.

Lots of people are requesting information on “Boots like Uggs however less expensive”, for example, which is perfect for a brand-new range that Toni has in stock.

She will be able to perfectly link to a selection of boots on her main site, and in addition, have some really interesting editorial that can capture those searching for some “Ugg-like boots”. Powerful stuff!

Toni’s desire’s is to ensure that she is also providing some great information and guidance so she explores answerthepublic.com a bit more. Drilling down even further she notices that ‘Boots with skirts’ is a common thread that people are trying to find.

A trend setting article is now scheduled for the end of the summer season on ‘ways to wear boots with skirts’. Toni is likewise planning to get in touch with some well established and popular fashion/lifestyle blog writers to get them involved too.

But Wait … There’s Even More …

There seems that there are quite a few people trying to find information on ‘boots with leggings/dresses/jeans’. This has sparked a great idea for a regular series of articles on the blog site.

Toni wants ways for her target market to discover her material so if people are searching for this topic frequently the posts must be easy to come across.


Tip … Be Specific …

By developing the very best answer to some of these concerns and questions we are stepping far from generic articles and being specific instead to our target market.

With the correct promotion, these articles will be found and might even be referred for years to come.

It’s this type of content and recognition that Google truly loves and values and will really help move both the article and the website further up the search rankings, thus increasing the audience of the website which, if all is aligned, will have a favorable influence on sales. Easy right?

Head over there now and give it a try for yourself … then come back here … PLEASE!

So did you try adopting the “memento strategy” by putting yourself in the shoes of your target market for the very first time?

What did you discover? If it was useful let me know by leaving your comments below. I really want to hear from you.

Now. Let’s carry on … Your topics for a content campaign should be optimised for the keywords with the biggest search volume right? The bigger the volume then so much better.


Following the topic with the greatest search volume doesn’t necessarily follow that it will deliver the best audience to your content.

It is rightly assumed that keyword volume research study can be a vital part of this process but on the other hand, everybody knows the data provided here can be somewhat … shall we say … undependable.

Don’t you find it really odd, and somewhat confusing, (if in fact you have noticed at all!) that Google provides recommendations as you type (based on real user use) however, their advertising keyword tool tells you that no one actually searchers for that term! Mmmm … what’s going on there then?!

Just put this out of your mind. Forget the numbers. Get focused on the insight and the long tail of it. < this post goes into keywords in a little more detail.

Many people look for “place your vanity keyword here”. Believe it or not, this really isn’t useful insight if you’re considering what content to develop next.

However … just start typing into google …” running shoes for a”

Look … I’ve just had 5 great new ideas for content and potential audiences to outreach too. You did too right?

Go try it for yourself.


You see … “for” when utilized in this kind of way is such a loaded, powerful term. I’m diving into the potential inspirations and issues of people in the market for running shoes just by utilizing this one, single certifying word!

Problem And Motivation Insight With Answer The Public.

It really is gold dust. Right from the suggest boxes of the online search engines!

Do you think you’re becoming a mind reader now?

Mastering this is THE primary step in establishing material that isn’t worthless!

Make life much better as a content strategy?

It’s simple and easy. And I’m a fan of simple.

STEP 1. Work out who your audience are – then empathise with them.
STEP 2. Make your content pertinent & recommendable.
STEP 3. Then make their life better by getting your content in front of them!

Teach them something.
Captivate. Inspire. Make them smile.
Help them make an excellent choice.
Make their lives just that little bit easier.

I could take these 4 concepts and apply them to any combo of paid, earned, owned or shared strategy.

Now. Enough of this … it’s over to you!

What is Answer The Public? … Now you know … how are you going to make your target customers lives better through content?

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