9 Must See Internet Marketing Tips

Internet Marketing Tips

After A Few, Highly Actionable And Highly Effective Internet Marketing Tips? Here Are 9 Of The Best That Have Been Gathered Together By Squirrly SEO.

1/ How To Create The Perfect Instagram Post (7.4M Posts Researched)

Instagram Internet Marketing Tip

With more than one billion active monthly users, Instagram is definitely one of the most popular social media platforms; one that you should use to promote your business and brand.

However, the fact that a lot of people use Instagram doesn’t guarantee your success. From the types of posts to the hashtags used, to the caption subject and length, every detail must be carefully thought through and measured.

So, how does the perfect Instagram post look like?

To come up with an answer, Social Insider looked at 7,433,417 posts, and their study has revealed a few key ingredients for creating the most engaging Instagram posts.  

Here are some of the internet marketing tips main takeaways from the study: 

  • Publish more carousels. Carousel posts were shown to receive a higher engagement rate per post - up to 5.13%.
  • Keep your captions nice and short. Writing short captions of under 10 words increases the average engagement rate per post to 3.13% for carousels, 2.54% for images, and 2.35% for videos.
  • Add more emojis. Data shows that the best performing posts have 20 to 24 emojis. That may seem like a lot, considering that most brands tend to only use one or two emojis/post. However, by using more emojis than most of the brands out there, you can stand out in people’s feeds. 
  • Create more contests, giveaways, and DIY posts, as they perform better than regular posts. 

Source: Social Insider

2/ Changing One Word Led To 46M Registrations (A Case Study)

Reforge Internet Marketing Tip

Ten years ago, as consumers were just starting to discover digital photography, James Currier, a four-time CEO and co-founder of multiple venture-backed companies, helped create an online photo repository.

However, despite the initial enthusiasm, Currier found it challenging to pick up new users. 

For their main call-to-action, they decided to go with “store your photos”. But they noticed that the word store was triggering people’s protectiveness, sparking user’s motivation to defend and collect.

So they decided to experiment with a new call-to-action and replaced the word Store with the word Share.  

‘STORE your photos’ became ‘SHARE your Photos.’

This made people feel like there were others involved in the concept, so suddenly the user psychology changed - as did the motivation.

Sharing is an inherently social activity that most of us associate with affection and acceptance. It’s something that simultaneously triggers users’ altruistic motivation, as well as the motivation to show off.

After making this seemingly small change, Currier's site dramatically boosted uploads per user, the rate at which users were sharing photos, and signed up 46 million people in just six months.

“Just by changing that one word, we were able to motivate each person to send it out to 120 of their friends,” says Currier.

Source: Reforge

3/ 68% Improvement In Conversions

Content Egg Conversion Internet Marketing Tip

As a marketer, pain is one of your greatest weapons. Of course, it’s not about causing your potential customers pain. It’s about leveraging the pain they already feel. 

Whether it’s anticipatory pain (the pain of something negative happening in the future), loss aversion pain (the pain of losing something) or current pain (something negative is happening), you can leverage it.  

One way to do that is in your landing pages. 

Make sure that as soon as they land on your page, visitors are reminded of their biggest pain points. Then show how your product or services helps make their pain go away. 

It works! Instapage used a loss aversion headline to create a 68% improvement in their landing page conversions.

Headline A: “Pinpoint and Eliminate Duplicate Content. ”

Headline B: “Avoid Losing Traffic, Rankings, and Money.”

By switching from a benefit-oriented CTA to one that instead focused on the pain of loss - losing rankings, traffic, money - they improved conversions by 68%. 

Source: Crazy Egg

After A Few, Highly Actionable And Highly Effective #InternetMarketingTips ... Here Are 9 Of The Best

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4/ 86% Of Consumers Want To See This On Social Media (Research Study)

Crazy Internet Marketing Tips

Today’s customers enjoy learning about brands through social media; there is no doubt about that. Companies know this, which is why it’s becoming harder and harder to cut through the noise and stand out on social media. 

One way to do it is by prioritizing authenticity. 

According to a recent study by HubSpot, 86% of users prefer a brand with an honest, authentic, and personalized social media presence.

Internet marketing tips on how to build brand authenticity on social media:

  • Share stories about your brand that connect with readers (this can be anything from a short story about the company’s history or a personal story about an employee)
  • Focus on personal interactions. Comment on positive customer experiences and reply to any possible negative comments in a way that helps consumers see your organization as a team of real people dedicated to serving them.
  • Share original images instead of generic stock photos. Post pictures of your team; behind the scenes images from office events, and so on. 

Source: Small Biz Genius

5/ 7.32% More Views On YouTube (Case Study)

Affiliate Marketing Tip by Discovery Digital Networks

By adding closed captions to their YouTube videos, Discovery Digital Networks (DDN) saw an overall increase of 7.32% in views for their videos.

The greatest gains in views were seen during the first 14 days after adding captions, with a 13.48% increase. 

If you have a YouTube channel, consider adding closed captions. Closed captions are similar to YouTube subtitles.

However, unlike subtitles, they not only supplement for dialogue but other relevant parts of the soundtrack – describing background noises, phones ringing and other audio cues that need describing. 

Both subtitles and closed captions (CCs) are valuable because they help open up your content to a larger audience, including deaf or hard of hearing viewers or those who speak languages besides the one spoken in your video. 

Plus, closed captions are indexed by YouTube search and boost your traffic.

If you’re interested in adding your own subtitles and closed captions to potentially get more views, here’s a step-by-step resource from Google on how to do it. 

Source: 3playmedia.com

6/ Increase Dwell Time On Your Site (SEO Booster)

Increase Dwell Time On Your Site

Dwell time is the length of time a person spends looking at a webpage after they’ve clicked a link on a SERP page, but before clicking back to the SERP results. Not to be confused with bounce rate or time-on-page. 

You can see why a metric like dwell time could be very important in determining searcher satisfaction (something Google cares greatly about).

If you have a content-rich page, you’ll want people to stick around and absorb all that information after they land on your page from Google. It’s one of the ways you know that visitor finds the content on your page to be interesting and relevant. 

However, keep in mind that some people like to read articles. Others like to listen to someone else read them. 

Using a tool like Amazon Polly - a speech-recognition tool that will read the entire article out loud to visitors - can help you engage both groups to increase dwell time.

If you’re interested in this but don’t want to use Amazon Polly, you can also check out some alternatives here.  

Note! Dwell time must be considered in a mix of many factors, so it shouldn't be the only focus or reason you do something. Generally speaking, you should focus on broader improvements for a website that increases user engagement, and dwell time may increase as a result.

Source: SingleGrain 

After A Few, Highly Actionable And Highly Effective #InternetMarketingTips ... Here Are 9 Of The Best

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7/ How GrooveHQ Grew Their Customer Exit Survey Responses By 785%

How We Grew Our Customer Exit Survey Responses by 785%

Learning the reasons why your customers leave can be quite painful sometimes, but it’s always incredibly valuable.

Whether they stop their service/product subscription, cancel their accounts, or unsubscribe from your mailing list, knowing why someone chooses to leave provides a way to continuously improve and move forward. 

However, it’s not easy to collect feedback and get people to share valuable insight. 

Alex from GrooveHQ knows this firsthand. He wanted to know why their customers cancel their subscription, so he decided to give customer exit surveys a try.

He started sending emails to every customer who canceled their subscription: 

Subject: "Quick question"
Body: "... Why did you cancel? ..."

The result: almost nobody completed the survey (a whopping 1.3% survey completion rate). On top of that, most of the data they collected was useless. 

Then, he made a small change.

Instead of “Why did you cancel?”, he asked, “What made you cancel?”

The change led to a 19% response rate.

One possible explanation is that “why did you cancel?” sounds somewhat cold and distant, putting the reader on the defensive, whereas “what made you cancel?” doesn’t have the same accusatory tone.

Source: Groovehq

8/ Optimize Content For Featured Snippets And Get More Traffic

We want to share with you a quick SEO improvement you can make in less than ten minutes and actually see your traffic go up.
The hack: Use tables wherever it makes sense in your content. 

For example, say you have an old blog post that’s got some good information and data in it. You could go back to it and see if there’s a way to put that information into an easy-to-read table.

Why? Because that’s going to help you out with SEO, in part because it’s going to help you land more Google featured snippets. 

A featured snippet is a search response shown at the top of a search engine results page that contains a summary of the answer taken from the page. There are 4 types of featured snippets that you’ll come across: paragraph, list, video, and Table.

Here’s an example of how a featured snippet looks like: 

The featured snippet shows up right under the paid ads, but before the rest of the search results. This result position is known as “position zero,” and it’s definitely a great place to be. 

So, go through some old posts that contain data and add some tables. It’s likely to help you snag some featured snippets that you didn’t have before.   

Also, as you continue to create new blog posts, ask yourself if it would be better for the reader if it was in a table format. If it would be better for the reader, then Google will want to put a table out there as the snippet.  

That’s how you’ll win that much-coveted position zero and most likely improve your rankings outside of the snippet as well. 

Give these internet marketing tips a try.  

Source: Income School

9/ 22.3% Higher Engagement Rate - One Word

SendGrid Email Internet Marketing Tip

Landing in your customers/leads’ email inbox is almost like stepping on a landmine. Most emails will be deleted without ever being opened, and some won’t even make it out of the spam folder.

Only the strongest emails will survive in this fragile and crowded place.

However, it’s becoming increasingly hard for businesses in all niches to create strong emails that stand out from the vast majority of promotional emails that their audience receives on a day-to-day basis. 

Writing captivating subject lines remains one of the most effective ways to make sure your emails survive in the Inbox. But while it’s safe to assume that email recipients will prefer certain words over others, what exactly those words are is a lot harder to guess. 

SendGrid (email delivery platform) analyzed 5 million unique subject headers in nearly 18 million emails and here’s the internet marketing tips they highlighted: 

  • Subject lines referring to “yesterday” and “tomorrow” have higher engagement rates (20.5% and 22.3%, respectively) than “today” (11.8%). By using Tomorrow in your subject line, you can get a 22.3 % Higher engagement rate.
  • Subject lines with “soon” have higher engagement rates (21.9%) versus subject lines referring to “now.“
  • Email subject lines that use the word “free” have significantly lower engagement rates (13.1% versus 17.2% for subject lines without “free”).

Source: SendGrid

Which One, Or Ones, Of These Internet Marketing Tips Will You Use To Improve Your Online Internet Marketing Presence?

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