Internet Marketing Product Creation: How To Create Your Own Products And Sell Them Online

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Internet Marketing Product Creation

Why You NEED to Create Products…

The “Old Model” Doesn’t Work Anymore

You’re told time and time again that you should use lead magnets along with free gifts in order to build an email list. Just place those lead magnets on some form of squeeze page and send traffic to it, right? Well, if you have already had a go at this,  then you’ve certainly found out that it just doesn’t work very well at all!

After spending loads of time and/or money on driving traffic to that page, you will very quickly notice that the majority of people aren’t exactly giving you their best email address. In fact, only around one-third of those people are giving you a totally fake email! And of the ones that are in fact giving you a real one, it’s usually one that they reserve for “junk mail” which is how they think of your promotional material. This means it’s an email address they don’t check regularly (if at all!) and so it’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot! And keep in mind, they’re called freebie seekers for a reason! That's right - they don’t really buy things. Not good for us! Usually what happens now is that a struggling newbie internet marketer starts to realize that his or her marketing emails are getting open rates of around 4 or 5% and generating absolutely no sales and that all their hard effort in creating a lead magnet and landing page and driving traffic towards it was nothing more than a giant waste. So, what do they do?They give up on their Ineternet Marketing dream and assume it’s all a big type of scam! A very sad state of affairs, but it happens each and every day and it really is the ultimate end of about 95% of would-be internet marketers.

So, what are the other five percent or so doing differently? Easy. They’re creating and selling products of their own.

Why Creating Products Is Better 

 You control your profits and you don’t have to make do with small commissions either or split the revenue with anyone else!
 Creating and selling your very own product really does establish credibility like nothing else can. In a market jammed full of so-called 'gurus' and celebrity 'super' marketers, credibility is something you will need if you want to succeed.
 Buyers Lists tend to be so much more responsive and more likely to buy your product.
 Creating products gives you content you can repurpose or package with other products later on.
 It’s what all successful online entrepreneurs are doing so that must count for something! Go and take a look at your email inbox right now. Can you see what do all your favorite entrepreneurs’ and marketers’ emails have in common? Sure, they’re all pitching other people’s stuff as affiliates. But, they are also all launching and marketing their own products (some of them do it as often as every month!)

Want to mimic the success of these top entrepreneurs today? Then it follows that you need to do what they’re doing. And that is to bring your own product to market. 

Here Are Some Product Types That You Can Easily Create Right Now:

eBooks: You know you’ve gotat least some knowledge others could benefit from. Why not spend a few hours at the keyboard and churn out your first eBook! We’ll explain exactly how to do it in the videos below.

Video Course: Got a camera or some form ofscreen capture software? There you go then! How about a slideshow program? So then, you’ve got everything you require in order to make a truely awesome video course on any topic you want! Once again, we’ll show you how it’s done below.

Software: Bet you didn't think of creating your own software? But yes, that’s right. You don’t need to be an expert programmer because, trust me, it’s surprisingly cheap and easy to get a freelance programmer to create a software application for you. We’ll reveal below just how to find and approach them.

That’s not all. There are plenty more product types. We’ll reveal a ton of them to you. So then, How Do You Do It I hear you all ask!

Easy ....

View our full Video E-Course below and we will show you exactly how to create your very first digital product along with lots of great product ideas.

video #1

Video #1 goes into the benefits of creating and ultimately selling your own product online. In this video E-course we look at the creation of digital products only.

video #2

Video #2 there are many different types of digital product that you can create yourself. eBooks, video and reports are just 3 of the products that we explain in more detail here. 

video #3

Video #3 goes into exactly how to create these products from the inital idea to showing you some of the best tools out there to help turn your ideas into reality.

video #4

Video #4 leads nicely on from the third video and goes on to explain how to package and then sell your digital product online.

Sell Digital Products

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