How To Start A “Making Money Website”

Making Money Website

Starting A “Making Money Website” Is As Easy As 4 Simple Steps! Let Me Show You How …


With limited opportunities in mainstream employment, many people have come to appreciate passive income as the better alternative to achieving financial freedom.

Passive income takes many forms and one such form is earning income through a website and affiliate marketing.

The Most Popular Home Based Business

Due to the many rewards and benefits that it offers, the most popular home based business in the world today is affiliate marketing. What exactly is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing involves promoting the products of another website on your site and then earning commissions when you get a visitor on your site to make a purchase.

There are a few main reasons why affiliate marketing is the most popular home based business.

First, it’s inexpensive and easy to get started. All that you need to get started is a little money to buy a domain name and pay for web hosting. Then you simply have to build a website and place some affiliate links in it.

The other reason that affiliate marketing is such a popular choice is the high earning potential that you have with it. Because the internet allows you to reach out to the entire world, the amount of money you can earn is virtually limitless.

While getting started with affiliate marketing is easy, to truly find success with it you are going to have to put in some work.

So, if you had been thinking along these lines but hadn’t totally figured out how to begin, do not fret. Join me as I introduce you to the 4 golden steps on how to start a website to make money. By the time you are done reading, you will be asking yourself why you did not get this information earlier.

4 Steps To Making money Online

Step-1: Choose An Interest

Naturally, the first step to starting your own website would involve choosing an interest. An interest could range from a hobby or something you passionately feel about. It could even be a cause you have been championing or one that you have discovered lately. It is important to note that the internet has very many users and nearly any interest you choose is likely to find favor with quite a number of users.

However, the general rule is to always choose something that is likely to resonate well with a majority of the users. You could choose something a little controversial, say a taboo subject! Always remember that your primary goal is to increase traffic to your site as fast as possible and maintain it there for as long as possible.

The Importance Of A Niche


By definition a niche is a subset of a topic. A niche maybe a product designed to satisfy a specific market need for example business daily in a media company.


Importance of a niche especially in business is that you have a steady market for your product that is not well catered for in the market currently. Like for example starting a blog about dogs is a broad topic and the competition would be vast since there are hundreds of blogs about dogs. Hence you will have to do more work to get the attention you need. However if you concentrate on a specific topic like German shepherds you narrow down the competition. You can also go a step further and make your blog about the illnesses that most affect German shepherds. This will decrease the competition and increase your chances of gaining a captivated and loyal audience.


Disadvantages of targeting a niche market in your business, website, blog

Small market – the niche market you choose to concentrate on may have a very small population that are interested in it hence setting your business for an inevitable halt in growth.

Varying needs – given that you will be concentrating on a specific segment of the general population you will have to adapt how you present your product to match their needs. For example if are writing a blog about illnesses in German shepherds. While in process you realize the majority of people who own German shepherds are natives of a country. Whose language you don’t speak hence prompting you to either find a translator or learn the language which would involve more expenses on your part.

Generally, the question as to what is a niche can be referred to as a specific aspect of a general topic and it is very important in your business endeavor to find a niche market you can concentrate on as the pros outweigh the cons.

Step-2: Build Your “Making Money” Website

The next step after identifying your interest is to build your website. The process is usually a very easy one and is often completed in a matter of seconds for getting the main framework done. A website can be built either by using provided templates or by use of a site from your own design.

But, probably the easiest way of all is this … give it a try!

Perhaps the trickiest part of building your website is choosing the domain. Many people consider creating a business name and then finding a domain to match. When choosing a domain, it is important to go for the common ones like the .com domain before finding a host and building your site. Another alternative is to sign up with a site such as Google, Blogger or WordPress. One major advantage of signing up with these sites is the fact that they let you use their site name in front of their service name and then give that to you and a website for free.

It is always important to factor in the target market when building your website. At all cost, never forget that your goal is to attract as many visitors as possible and keep them on your site as long as possible, regardless whether your website seeks to offer personalized services or it is totally a web-centric site. Therefore, the best way to attract more visitors is to offer more information on your services.

If you are offering new services, you will find it easier for visitors to hang around as they seek to discover your new products. However, the challenge always comes in when you seek to sell a product that the visitors are familiar with. You may have to be more ingenuous by providing more intimate information on the product in order to stimulate their interest in reading more about the product, thereby staying on your site longer.

Step-3: Attract Visitors

After creating your website, the next step is often a ‘do or die’ for your venture. This step involves attracting visitors. As has already been pointed out, the success of your site is not determined by how many people can click on your ads or links, but by how long they stay in the site.

So, how do you attract visitors to your site? First of all, you have to be selective in your target market. This begins by understanding the specific needs of every demographic. You should never forget that every demographic has its strong points and weak points.

If you choose to target, say young people, you will find it necessary to have a website based on trendy issues such as issues relating to the fashion or modeling industries. If you choose to go with the middle-aged, then you might consider targeting matters to do with marriage and investment. For the old age, matters of religion resonate better with them.

Well, considering this is a factor you had already taken into account during the website building stage, the main objective here is to capitalize on your target audience. Remember that the goal is to attract your target audience to click on your ads as opposed to directly influencing them to buy your product. Once the visitor has clicked out of your site, it is upon the merchant to make the sale, and you naturally earn income regardless of the outcome of the visitor activity.

What you need to do, therefore, is to make the ad as appealing as possible and ensure that once they click on it, the information they find on your product will match the main points captured in the ad. If at all possible, do not overly sensationalize information and try to be as factual as reasonably possible.

The Importance Of Keyword Research When Building An Affiliate Website

The Importance Of Keyword Research When Building An Affiliate Website

It is important that you woo money on the web the right way. Otherwise, two things are bound to happen; either you abandon your affiliate marketing efforts completely, or you try working your way blindly. You end up with your efforts getting wasted. If you feel so, then you should read this post with urgency. It might change how you do your affiliate marketing, starting now!

Well, for ages, people have been doing it the manual way. But that’s because there has never been tools to automate and simplify work and time invested in the process. No doubt, every affiliate marketer out there needs a professional-looking website. A website also comes along with responsibilities that should be addressed, if at all, you want to direct traffic to it.

Jaaxy Keyword Research

Writing is good, but if you go on rambling without a strategy for keywords, then you’re gagged! This is to say that, if you don’t research well on the keywords you want to gain traffic from, your site will stay off the radar of internet users, even though you’re paying for it to remain on the web spaces.

Okay, to cut the long story short, this post will introduce you to Jaaxy Keyword Research tool. If you’ve been using some other tools (whether paid or free), you realize just how much data you’re handling. It’s like learning statistics with these tools. They subject you to lots of data, metrics and other things that you need to make sense of. That, is not a very helpful approach of doing affiliate marketing.

When you have an affiliate “making money” website, you are generally interested in 3 things:

– The nature of competition a keyword has
– The kind of traffic it gets
– And lastly, if the keyword makes sense

Now the first two will be accurately captured by Jaaxy Keyword tool. There’s literally no other tool that can do this as efficient as Jaaxy does it. You can simply control the search engines by using this keyword planner.

Affiliate Marketers Fear One Thing

Competition! They always think that the niche they want to venture into is already saturated. But the truth is, there are so many niche opportunities with almost zero competition, that anyone can venture into and make some good money. There are too many keywords, too many ideas, and too many niches. This looks like a good problem, isn’t’ it?

With Jaaxy, you can create a host of successful campaigns with keywords existing within a niche. There has never been such a great tool like this one before.

This tool searches for keywords in under 20 seconds. You end up with a host of profitable keywords within a niche. You can peg your campaigns on that.

And just before we forget, you can also tune your domain in such a way that it is search-engine-friendly. Google and other search engines still rank domains with keywords highly. And the good thing is that Jaaxy is free for the first 30 days, so you can use it and see how you like it.

You can upgrade to Jaaxy pro, which goes for $19 ever month. Alternatively, Jaaxy Enterprise goes for $49 per month. This tool is well worth your investment, especially if you are building an affiliate site, or you are running a not-so-profitable one. Forget about the manual way of doing things. It squeezes energy and time out of you.

Give It A Try For FREE:

Step-4: Earn Revenue

Once you have attracted a reasonable number of visitors and the traffic on your site is moving fairly well, it is now the time to reap the benefits. One of the ways of earning revenue is through promotion of products and services through an affiliate program. These programs allow you to promote any product or service without having to own or create it yourself.

In order to ensure you earn as much revenue as possible, always remember to post as many ads as possible per day. Try to keep each ad unique and interesting for your visitors. Even when you are promoting a generic product, try as much as possible to make it look like it is the real deal.

Another way of maximizing your revenue is by increasing your online presence. If at all possible, ensure you have accounts on all of the major social networking sites such as twitter, facebook, linkedin and tumblr. You could also consider starting an email campaign and publish weekly emails on some of the most trending products. It is important to watch the frequency and uniqueness of your publications, lest they look spammy.


But Why You Should Build An Affiliate Website

There are many reasons why you should build an affiliate website, and at the top of the list are money and freedom. Like many other people I never really considered the internet as a source of income. I simply surfed the web and used it for various personal reasons. Then one day I realized that the reason that there were all of these websites up that I liked to visit was because there was money to be made. I realized that if I were to build an affiliate website then I to could take advantage of the enormous opportunities that the online world provides for us. By working as an affiliate marketer you have an earning potential that is quite literally limitless. When you combine the financial gains that you stand to make, along with the freedom of being your own boss, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t build an affiliate website.

Making money through your own website is an easy alternative to earning some extra cash. Depending on how well you excel at it, it could well become your main source of income.

To find out in more detail about the 4 steps to “making money websites” and to get the tools and training to help – follow the link below the related posts.

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  • John says:

    Great article on how to start a money making website!

    A lot of people would love to be able to build a money making website, but don’t know where to start, however, by following your 4 steps, the process will be much easier for people.

    Affiliate marketing really is the best way to start out… you don’t need a product or have to worry about customer service, so it’s definitely the place to start!

    I also like how you have explained the importance of a niche, this really is the very first and most important element!

    Great post!

    • admin says:

      Hi John,

      Many thanks for your comments. Success is SO much easier when you have a good plan and take time to research. The importance of the correct niche is vital and is a step many people tend to rush. Wealthy Affiliate has many training courses and ‘golden nuggets’ of info. in relation to this.

      Thanks again.

  • Brian says:

    That’s a great article on how to start a making money website. It’s amazing that you can make money on the internet and Affiliate Marketing seems like the best way to do that. Just like you said, you have to put in the work in order to be successful and earn online. What’s been the greatest moment for you since you’ve been doing Affiliate Marketing?

    • admin says:

      Many thanks for your comments Brian. I think the greatest moment is getting your first sale online – it’s then that you know it all works!After that, the next greatest moments are when those you are helping notify you saying they have made their first sale – awesome!

  • Danette says:

    When you said that the goal is to have people click on your ads, I was wondering — If a visitor clicks out of your site by clicking on an ad, but does not make a purchase, is there some way that you would still earn money? Or do you just anticipate that a high enough percentage of visitors will actually buy?

    • admin says:

      Hi Danette,

      if I understand correctly, Wealthy Affiliate offers lifetime cookies, so as long as that person has used your link and eventually signs up you get the credit. However if they click another affiliates link after yours that other affiliate would be credited. So yes, I anticipate that a high enough percentage of visitors will actually buy.

  • Ryan says:

    Great article! Anyone serious about making money should definitely check out affilorama. It teaches you how to make serious money online with affiliate marketing. I quit my job and now I make ALOT more money all online 🙂

    Heres a really good review of affilorama:

    Keep up the great content! 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for your comment. I am going to review Affilorama soon. I used to be a member a while back. I viewed it as very good back then. Expensive though! I will check it out again soon.

      Followed your link. Nice post yourself.

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