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How To Increase Organic Traffic For Your Website By 58%

How To Increase Organic Traffic For Your Website

So The Question Is "How To Increase Organic Traffic For Your Website" And By A Whopping 58%!

Innovatech Labs is a leading analytical laboratory in Minnesota, specializing in materials analysis, testing and characterization.

Their online content targets a very niche market, and their blog strategy mainly focused on achieving high Google rankings for top-of-the-funnel terms (here’s a great resource on how to create content for every stage of the buyer’s journey)

Then, they decided to switch things up and create a blog strategy that incorporates a wider set of pain points that their targeted personas were experiencing in each stage of the buying cycle.

How To Increase Organic Traffic For Your Website By A Whopping 58%!

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The Strategy & How To Increase Organic Traffic For Your Website

Their keyword-driven blog strategy consisted of a 4-step plan:

  1. Post blogs relating to industry questions; 
  2. Broaden the net of keywords to include terms that their audience might be searching for;
  3. Adding call-to-actions (CTAs) in each blog to drive readers deeper into their sales funnel;
  4. Promote the blog posts across all social media platforms.

The Results 

  • 33% increase in traffic to qualified product pages;
  • 58% increase in organic traffic;
  • 19% increase in page views. 

Source: Top Rank Marketing and Squirrly

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