How To Get Ranked In Google – Yep, You Can!.

How To Get Ranked In Google

Today I wish to talk about the elusive idea and the mystical black magic of how to get ranked in Google.

For a lot of folks, getting ranked in Google looks like some DIFFICULT accomplishment. They think they have a better possibility of seeing a cow fly while playing a violin, then they will of getting a very first page ranking in Google.

Some individuals simply do not believe it is real!

Be truthfull though, do you fall into this category?

If so, we really do need to have a little chat and I want to show to YOU, yes YOU, how to get ranked in Google and will have the ability to do so in the next couple of weeks if you want to do a couple of things.


OK, cool.

To begin with, it is not brain surgery. Individuals get so wrapped up into exactly what Google thinks and how Google’s internal “ranking brain” is thinking of at any given minute, however in reality it really does boil down to something.

That someting is …

Quality of Material.

If you can produce content that a “reader” would delight in, then you are getting ranked. Period. It does not matter what Google believes because this is the content they are “chasing” after and this is the material that they enhance in rankings whenever they do a Google Panda, Penguin, or now, their “real time” algorithm updates.

What are the sites that Google doesn’t like?

The websites that are doing things to try to trick them into thinking their content is quality. Backlinks, spinning, guest blogging, dupe content, PLR … there are a great deal of things that people are doing that adversely impact their rankings due to the fact that it is simply not natural.

These are called “black hat’ strategies, and generally these will work for a couple of months to a year, then Google catches on and kills all the “black hatter” businesses.

If you are doing these things, please stop. You have actually been ill encouraged in the past and you are heading the wrong way!

On the other side of the spectrum, there are “white hat” online marketers. They ranked 10 years earlier, and they will rank ten years from now because they are building their content for Google (and Google will continue to chase and like their content).

This is the approach that is taught at Wealthy Affiliate and there are only FOUR things you need to have in order to find out how to get ranked in Google and stay ranked!

( 1) Domain

A domain will enhance your search rankings, in particular if you have or domain. I don’t advise purchasing a domain that is not one of these (. com’s are the best).

You can host approximately 25 sites of your own domain with a Premium membership, all hosted on their unrivaled Managed WordPress hosting platform. This also consists of site tracking, website security, website speed increases, 24/7 website support, and limitless access to their one-click set up website builder.

( 2) Understand Keywords & SEO

Plain and simple. If you know the ways to find low competition keywords within your particular niche, you will unlock tan endless supply of quality, targetted traffic. Finding low competitors keywords is like clockwork when you understand exactly what you are doing and this is one of the most important things you will discover within the training at WA.

You get access to an entire Keyword/Niche Research study class within premium and unrestricted access to the WA keyword tool. There is likewise an incredible quantity of SEO training within WA Premium, 100’s of tutorials and hours of live video classes. You wish to be an expert at these things the WA Premium is your place to be.

You really do wany your keywords to have less than 200 QSR (competition) and there are billions of keywords out there across every specific niche that fit this requirements. It’s just a matter of finding them!

( 3) Develop quality content, with consistency.

Material/content is KING, right? Wrong. This statement has actually become all too cliche in the market these days. Developing a successful business does not require you to be an author or an expert writer, it requires you to have the ability to create QUALITY communicative material in your niche. Material that concentrates on engaging the reader. The reader is the one that will earn you money (and they need to trust you initially), never ever lose sight of this.

As a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you are going to rapidly end up being a content professional and have complete access to a great deal of copywriting training, along with FULL access to SiteContent, the ultimate material creation/management platform.

There is a great deal of video and live class training on the subject in addition to MANY professional content marketers within the community.

( 4) Authority (which happens with time).

My site here that you are on now – it didn’t start making money straighy away. In fact it took around 4 months of hard work befor I received my first dime from it! That is typical!

If you don’t have the time to end up being successful, then it just won’t happen. Exactly what I can tell you is that at Wealthy Affiliate, they have the time and persistence to help you reach any level of success that you desire in terms of rankings, traffic, and conversions. And you will begin to see your site getting indexed and rankings within your first few weeks of going through this procedure. That is amazing! and it is the “stepping stone” to much bigger things.

Here is a little bit of perspective. In the Bootcamp training, they began a website totally from scratch and within 4 months and some part-time work, they produce a full-time business with a site that attracts over 1,300 clicks each day (free of charge) by getting ranked and indexed in Google.

With the core training at Wealthy Affiliate, you get to examine over their shoulder and see precisely the best ways to rank, how to go up the ranks in Google, and how to get Google to DEFINITELY love your site.

So I think I wish to leave you today by saying that you, yes YOU, have whatever you need to get all the rankings you desire within Google with a Premium subscription at Wealthy Affiliate. You will have a competitive benefit over the rest of the industry by being a member or the growing neighborhood at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you do a search inside of WA, you will see there are 1,000’s of stories from fellow members about getting indexed and ranked. Plain and simple, the training at WA works!

Sign Up With Premium and Become an Expert in Google Traffic! and find out in more detail how to get ranked in Google (just $19 very first month).

Have a terrific day and happy rankings!

Yep, You Can! That Elusive Idea. The Mystical Black Magic. How To Get Top Google Rankings If You're Not A Wizard!

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Caelan Cheesman

I live in the UK in a small village called Minster in the South East of the country, not too far from Dover and Canterbury and only around 80 miles from London. I have been making money online now for a number of years and have built this site specifically to help others to also achieve success online!

  • Bibian says:

    You have a nice structured and informative review on how to rank on google, It really worth It. Everyone has their own secrets of getting ranked on google, some will say it’s keyword, coding, SEO plugins blah blah blah, Search engines are very sensitive to quality contents, You have said it all.
    To me, getting ranked on google really depends on the authenticity and quality of the content that is been published:)

    • admin says:

      Hi Bibian,

      Thanks for your comments. I do agree with you. The most important factor in getting your content ranked with Google is the originality and quality of your content.

      I am also finding recently that content length also seems important. I am now writing long articles around 4000 words and they seem to be getting ranked really well.

      Many thanks again

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