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How To Dog Training Tips

Find Out The Secrets To Training Your Dog ...

Sick And Tired Of Your Unruly Dogs Behaviour? Discover The Truth About The "Secrets To Dog Training". Can You Really Teach A Dog New Tricks No Matter How Naughty They Are?

If you've been looking for a solution to your dogs bad behaviour, disobedient attitude and house destroying habits, then secrets to dog training is the all in one solution. here you'll find out exactly what to expect with this guide and whether it's right for you and your dog ... welcome to "how to dog training tips"

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If you're somewhat like me, then your dog's excessive chewing and biting is not only driving you right up the wall, but is also causing some concern for your friends' and familys' safety too…

…also there is the materialistic damage caused from the seemingly endless destruction of furniture, clothes and shoes (my wife will testify to that one).

Then there's all the barking and whining … which seems almost constant!

I used to really curse my nextdoor neighbours for their barking dog, until my own Jack Russell, Harper, became the "backyard bellower" and sounded out the other dogs on the street.

So what about the aggression too? Now I'm not sure about you, but almost nothing scares me greater than taking my two childeren out for a gentle walk with Harper (that's the dog, not my wife!), and then suddenly having a seemingly blood thirsty dog descending on us with rage…

After chatting to a few friends and also visiting a a number of online forums, it was easy to come to the conclusion that owning a dog which was aggressive or disobedient was not as uncommon as I had first thought!

In fact, some of the stories I stumbled upon in these forums made me feel real lucky, such as one person whose dog ended up badly injured ofter running out in front of a car because the dog did not obey his basic commands.

Supposedly, this was all to do with the lack of any form of leadership and "alpha male" role of the owner over the dog. In fact, this is what many of the more modern and up-to-date dog training programs now try to teach.

But me being impatient me and getting desperate for a solution, I did my own research and tried to look for a way to calm Harper, our unruly family dog, down and bring her back into to the loving circle of respect and trust that she had for us, and we also had for her.

However the problem was, as I soon found out, dog trainers cost an absolute fortune! Also, look, I'm a busy guy (as I am sure a lot of you are too!) so finding the time to schedule any of the training sessions (even on weekends) was not always easy or in fact even possible.

I also ended up reading an awful lot about the different types of training equipment out there that I could use at home, such as anti-bark shock collars and prong collars etc. Wow! Just let me tell you, even just looking at those types of thing makes me cringe…I can't imagine how painful they must be for the poor dogs that are forced to wear them!

Anyway, don't you think that punishing your lovely dog in order for it to behave is clearly not the way forward - surely any person with an ounce of common sense would understand that - wouldn't they?

During my extensive research, I kept coming across an online guide called Sit Stay Fetch (now called Secrets To Dog Behaviour). See, my research took a LONG time!

It looked so very promising to me, as it had just about all the things that  I was looking for, including:

    • It was well established,
    • Had lots of positive testimonials,
    • Would give me Iimmediate access (I'm very impatient - just ask my wife!),
    • An it focused on the leadership relationship (alpha pack) that most other guides / trainers seemed to overlook

It was because of these 4 points that I took the decision to go ahead and try it out.

Some weeks later, I ended up with this, my own personal review of what this great training guide is all about. I decided to publish it here as I am sure other people are in that also in the same frustrating situation of an unruly and often dangerous dog…

I'm going to go over my opinion of whether the guide actually works, who I think it's right for, and of course, whether it's worth the money at all! So...

What Does It Do?

Secrets to Dog Training! - is a real treasure chest packed full of the secrets to transforming your doggies behaviour in way that is fun and easy so that anyone can do it. With "Secrets to Dog Training!" - you're going to save a lot of precious time, save loads of money, and receive less aggravation with training your dog.

The best thing is that you will to avoid all the mistakes and somewhat disastrous situations that you've previously been vulnerable to. With "Secrets to Dog Training!" you will be able to get the most out of your time training and your relationship with your dog!

This training also claims to be able to get your dog to obey you wherever you go, allowing you to avoid lots of time and money on professional dog trainers which usually only gives you limited results.

The real big secret behind Dog Training Secrets is that they employ the increasingly popular method of "dog whispering" in order to help train your dog and create a very strong and lasting bond at the same time.

Basically, it's dog obedience training on steroids and in the fast lane…let's now go and see if it actually works though.

My First Impressions

As soon as I got my first look at the Secrets To Dog Training Guide, I immediately found that there is a great deal of information and advice that they've managed to cram in. It also appears to be very well laid out and professional looking too.

I actually printed the guide off and skimmed through it and I began to notice that they go through the different stages of dog training in a pretty logical manner (from buying a dog, through to making dog and owner connections and on through to the hands on training sections).

This is great for me, and I'm sure it will suit you also, as I like to follow a structured path of progress, rather than just having to pick and scrape information all the time - if that makes sense?

However, (a negative!), a little criticism would be that the guide is maybe a little overwhelming at first (I kept thinking - am I going to have time to do all this, and will I understand it all?) but keep going and it all falls into place nicely.

Does It Work?

My priority was simple. Getting started! As Harper, at the time, was really driving us both mad (me and my wife) and we needed a solution. Funnily, my two kids didn't seem bothered!

As I started really delving into the guide, I found that probably the first couple of sections are pretty straight forward, basic stuff that seems more aimed at newer dog owners, but it did hold a few really useful tips for me to do with spotting the right dog for your needs and lifestyle.

Secondly, there is plenty of in depth start up advice and tips for choosing the correct breed of dog and what to look out for when choosing your new family member! (some info is pretty standard, but there's an awfull lot of health related tips that I didn't know about at all! (it also covers all the different types of dogs so you know what to look for specifically - brilliant!)

As I read deeper and deeper into the early part of the guide, I noticed that there were a number of great tips on getting your home prepared for the arrival of a new dog, but again, only useful if you're at that stage of owning/buying a dog.

What I really loved about this guide and what definately took effect and worked immediately after applying it, were the parts about "the secrets to understanding your dog". These sections seemed to me to be the most powerful in creating a bond, trust and respect (and leadership) between you and your doggie. This information is probably worth the cost all by itself!

The training material itself really is just about spot on, although maybe a little brief in a few areas, but they do a really great job of explaining the psychology behind your dog's bad behaviour, in addition to giving really good step by step exercises to use in order to take control of the problems and to cure them (from barking to pulling on the leash, it's all here).

Lastly, it's really easy to see that boththe training and the care of your dog can be accomplished with this guide, providing that is, you put the time and effort in…

Why is it I think this? Well, it's because the techniques and approaches covered in the guide are modern and up-to-date, safe and quite simply just seem to make good sense when you try them out with your dog (some areas of training like crate training may take a little longer than barking, but it depends on your dog really!).

Who Is It Right For?

So, summing up my experiences, after using this guide for a little while now, I can hand on heart and confidently say that this really is ideal for new dog owners, or people looking to buy their first dog.

Anyone that currently is struggling with a dog that maybe has serious aggression issues that need urgent attention would really find this guide extremely helpful in curing the immediate problem and building a stronger loving bond with your dog.

I would also say this is even more suited to people who are looking for an "all in one" one stop guide to buying, caring, controlling and loving their dog, as the guide seems to cover all these aspects so well and in more than enough detail.

However with all this being said and done, you will still be required to remain committed to your dog and also to be able to put a little time aside to physically apply what you'll learn (and a little patience too, as some of the techniques take up to 5 weeks to complete!)

This is without doubt worth the money. It works! It did for me ... but ... like our dogs we are all different. During my extensive research I also came across another 2 products which also turned out to be great also. They are listed below as my #2 and #3 recommendations and are both worthy of taking a look at. THANKS.

#1 Recommendation

​​​​secrets to​ dog training

Who Else Wants To Know Top Training Secrets That Dog Experts Use Daily To Ensure That Their Dogs Are Always Well Behaved And Listen?

#2 Recommendation

doggy dans online dog trainer

Hi, I'm Doggy Dan and I've successfully trained over 25,000 dogs through my online training courses. I will succesfully train your dog too!

#3 Recommendation

brain training for dogs

Develops your Dog's "Hidden Intelligence"To eliminate bad behavior and Create the obedient, well-behaved pet of your dreams...

     my chester enjoys The training!     

We LOVE going for walks with our friends and our dog! Don’t tell anyone but we never used to .... before the training Chester was totally unruelly. Many thanks to our friends at PawCity! You have helped us to turn things around for me, my husband and Chester.

We love you PawCity!! xoxo

Anna Olson, Chester’s Mom

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3 Important Things To Remember When Training Your Puppy

There are as many ways to raise a puppy as there are to raising a child. In fact, one way per family in general! But most of us agree that when it comes to children, certain things are universal and undisputed. Here are three things that a lot of people just do not think of when it comes to raising their dogs, however. How many times have we heard, "My dog just won't listen to me", or "He just won't behave!"

1. Dogs do not understand English until we teach them.

The thing we all love about puppies the most is the way they live for us, the way they focus all they have on us, the way our lives become theirs. in the beginning, they study us to learn our body language, our facial expressions and our language. Until we teach them the English language, it's all they have. If we say, "Wanna go out?" one day, "Have to go potty?" the next day, and, "Hafta pee?" the third day, if they DO figure out what we want, it is because we have picked up the leash and moved toward the door with a happy face! If you want to speed up his training by three-fold, teach him YOUR language. Pick a command for EACH behavior and stick with it. Tell all in your family to use the same words and commands, and your puppy will amaze you at how much faster he learns.

2. A young puppy's metabolism is racing along faster than we think.

The younger your puppy is, the faster he is growing, the more food and water he needs to fuel his metabolism, and the more often he has to go potty. Do not punish your puppy when he makes a house-breaking mistake. These are YOUR faults. Your puppy's age in weeks and his breed size determine how often he must go out. Once an hour is not too often for a large 6-week old puppy, especially if it is summertime. Dogs love the exciting smells outdoors, so there is no excuse to not have him housebroken by 7-8 weeks of age. Right after a nap, after he eats and after grooming are the key times, and he will signal you. If he is happily chewing a toy and gets up suddenly with his nose to the floor, move quickly then he is signaling you! And every time he goes potty outside, praise him to high heaven! "What a good BOY!", "GOOD go potty!" and the like. Dogs love our happy faces, and they will do anything to get it.

3. Dogs live for our facial expressions and body language.

Because of this, the worst punishment you ever need to give your dog is a scowl and to turn away from him. You can see his tail fall down and his face get so sad. He will learn the lesson, I guarantee it. But his attention span is only 3-5 minutes, so do not scorn him any longer. Love him up and give him your happy face again. Physical punishment is never necessary. Use consistent commands and loving praise and he will know what you want of him before you know. He will become a master of your body language and facial expressions in no time at all.

Naturally there are many aspects of training your puppy well. Loving kindness works just as well for puppies as it does with children, creating a happy, well-adjusted and obedient dog for life. These three important tips, used consistently with confidence, will start him well on his way.

Get Your Over-Excited, Impulsive Dog or Puppy to STOP Running Away When You Ask Him to Come…And Finally Listen!

Get Your Over-Excited, Impulsive Dog or Puppy to STOP BARKING… And Finally Listen!

Get Your Over-Excited, Impulsive Dog or Puppy to STOP Being So Aggressive… And Finally Listen!

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