How To Do An Email Campaign That Gets Results

How To Do An Email Campaign
"Even if they're not opening your e-mails, they're still seeing your headline and they're still seeing your business. That's pretty incredible."

In this short article I'll be talking about how to do an email campaign along with a few e-mail marketing best practices in order to grow your business.

This might surprise you, 86% of consumers actually want an e-mail from you once a month! That's pretty incredible. But that's getting ahead of ourselves.

How to do an email campaign that really builds your contact list and subscriber list?

“Did You Know: 86% Of Consumers Actually WANT An E-Mail From You Once A Month!”

Right, contact lists. So, there's a couple of things to point out. First of all: Yes, you do want their permission. So, a couple of common ways of doing this:

Start with a form on your website. You seen a lot of those. For example "if you want to subscribe to our newsletter", or "be the first to know what's happening." That type of form ... you've all seen them I'm sure. It works ... so do it!

"Another way is to of course, promote across your social media platforms, as well. And really think about a strong call to action."

One such form that definitely caught my attention, that I was told about recently, was a pizza shop that was promoting themselves on social media,

"Hey, sign up for our newsletter and on your birthday you get a special deal."

What's that special deal?

 A free slice of pizza!

So, you can do kind of the same thing, right? Like, you build your list, you have your service, your products. You can give either a discount or your own version of a free slice of pizza.

You're giving value of some sort to your audience and in exchange for it they're giving you their e-mail.

That's basically the cost, if you like.

"The more value you bring to your audience, the easier and more willing they're gonna be to give you their e-mail."

Some people are of the opinion that mass email marketing is dead. Well, the thing about opinions is that you’re allowed to have them even if they’re wrong. Mass email marketing is a marketing strategy where a single message is crafted for a large target audience such as sales leads or a subscriber base. It is one of the main functions of marketing automation software that allows messages to be sent at a massive scale. While email marketing can take many shapes and forms, one of the things that lends it such pervasive staying power is its ability to deliver a message across generational, cultural, and class barriers. In today’s diverse marketplace, that makes it very much alive and kicking. Mass Email Marketing: The Best Ways to Approach Your Campaign

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How to do an email campaign: Now what do we do about creating the actual e-mails themselves? The content.

This might surprise you. 86% of consumers actually want an e-mail from you once a month. That's pretty incredible. But that's getting ahead of ourselves. Find out more ...

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So, I was looking through my whole email inbox to see which subject lines were grabbing my attention?

I received an e-mail from Canva, and what I love about this Canva e-mail, and it really caught my eyes, was the banner. How clean and simple it was.

"Inspire your followers" it read.

It's crisp, it's cool. And then also, I loved the little call to action in the top right saying, "Weekly newsletter, learn and be inspired."

It's just a great, subtle call to action to sign up.

And then as you scroll down, there's not a ton of text and it's, again, very visual.

And so they have these bullet points of what they're trying to get across, to get people excited about their tips.

  • Be a force for change
  • Use a positive metaphor
  • Make it visually stand out

So this e-mail is educational ... and right below it, a giant call to action.

Why is that super important in our e-mails?

It's super important because you want to think about the purpose of your e-mail in the first place?

What are you giving your audience?

And if you're going to provide a call to action, it's a very clear big button, "Give it a go.

And then, in addition, they have these awesome templates.

So they have some for Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and essentially, when you click on it, then let's say you went to the Instagram post one. From there they're gonna give you a template to apply Canva for your business in an Instagram post.

Also, Instagram story helps. So you see it's very, very cool. It pops, it's not a ton of verbiage, 'cause that's when you're gonna lose the reader.

We don't like to read just a giant block of text.

It's really cool to see it just sectioned off, bullet points, nice and easy, nice and small to read, and a lot of visual elements to keep my eyes engaged.

And then I noticed too, on the bottom of their e-mail, they have their social media links.

So they have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin. So this is a great opportunity, right? If I'm opening your e-mail and I'm a customer, or potential customer. I wanna go and check you out on other sites.

Make it easy for me to do that.

So e-mail newsletters are great to cross-promote. Another thing, an unsubscribe button, but there's a giant meaning behind it. So, the Canned Spam Act says that every e-mail marketing newsletter you send out has to have two things, at the very least. An unsubscribe button and a location.

Now, I know some of your are just solo-preneurs, or your home business is at home, right?

So you can put PO boxes here, but it does have to be a legitimate address that you can receive mail to. 'Cause if you don't follow these, you're essentially becoming spam and we don't want this 'cause we know you're a legitimate business.

So now, you've got the subscriber list. We've got the content. How do we know it's working? - Great question.

So, we definitely wanna look at unsubscribes, right?

That's probably obvious, and this is something you want to keep an eye on. 'Cause it's gonna inform you that maybe your audience isn't exactly as organic as you thought, and you need to continue building it.

And also, maybe reconsider the content. What makes great content?

Also, looking at open rates. Are they opening the e-mails? And then, if they are in fact, opening the e-mails, are they actually clicking on your call to actions? Your links.

I would encourage you not to be discouraged about the open rates. Because with e-mail, it's not gonna be 90%, 100%, 80%. Open rates are gonna be pretty low, but that's okay.

You'll get, I don't know, anywhere from like 10-to-20 is about average, percentage wise. But even if they're not opening your e-mails, they're still seeing your headline and they're still seeing your business, which increases that brand awareness.

So what are some other best practices so you can be killing it with your e-mail game?

List maintenance is often overlooked.

So about every six months, go in and pay attention to who's looking, who's opening your e-mails, and who hasn't been. And the ones who aren't opening your e-mails, isolate that list and let it chill for a little while.

And then remind them down the road and see if they're still interested.

But definitely do that every six months.

And most e-mail providers that you use for your marketing campaigns, you can set up groups so you can easily move them into, a haven't heard from me group, or a hot leads group, or a cold leads group, or whatever makes sense to really organize your listing, so that way you can kill the game.

That's about it with 'How To Do An Email Campaign.' Hopefully, you have just learned a few e-mail marketing best practices in order to help grow your business. And please comment below for the world to see!


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