How To Create A Website Business With Chris Farrell Membership

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Chris Farrell Membership Review: Summary

  • Platform: Chris Farrell Membership
  • Website:
  • Who is it for? Anyone – No previous experience or tech skills required.
  • Earning Potential: N/A
  • Owners: Chris Farrell
  • Price: $4.95 (First 7 days) then $37/month or $297/year + a $47 upsell
  • My Score: 8.0/10 – Recommended


There are so, so many products all over the internet that have been created to help you learn how to create a website business, how to make money online, and some even ensure to make you a millionaire. However, as most of us know, hardly a few amongst these sites are genuine and most are scams that you certainly will not want to fall prey to. But how do you find a genuine one? Well, it involves lots of research, going through online reviews, and a lot more. We, however, will make things easier for you and get you started by helping you know about one such program that you can trust and that has become immensely popular – the Chris Farrell Membership (CFM).

What Is The Chris Farrell Membership?

Chris Farrell Membership is one of the most popular and trusted internet marketing training programs. It was designed by Chris Farrell, a successful internet marketer, in the year 2008. The program was voted by IM Report Card as the number one internet marketing program in 2012, 2013, and 2014. The best thing about this program, apart from the fact that it helps you earn is that it is very easy to understand and follow. It has been broken down into 21-day training that shows you methods which will help you make money online.

Who Is This Course For?

The Chris Farrell Membership plan is a great business model for new affiliate marketer or internet marketer who want to learn how to create a website business. Chris well understands that a website is very important for any online business and the program thus tries to help members develop and host their websites. Those who are not really familiar with the technology may find the process a little difficult, but even then there is nothing to worry about as you will enjoy great support all along the way.

How Does the Chris Farrell Membership Work?

how to create a website business
CFM focuses mainly on the concept of affiliate marketing and email marketing. At the beginning itself Chris explains that the 3 essential steps to making an online income are –

• Select a profitable niche

• Create a list

• Market products related to your selected niche

This actually is affiliate marketing + email marketing and this is basically how CFM works.

The 5 Important CFM Training Modules –

Now that we are aware of the basics, let us get to discover what is all that you will get to learn here.

First Module – Get Started

The first module is actually an introduction wherein Chris mentions the 3 steps that help you make money online about which we learned above.

After the first module, Chris promotes his annual membership owing to which you can save 33 percent for a year of Chris Farrell Membership. You need not necessarily upgrade now, and instead, enjoy your first membership week at $4.95.

Second Module – 10 Minutes to Success

Now the main course starts and things get really interesting. This module has 31 videos and all of them are no more than 10 minutes in length. After you have gone through all these videos you definitely will have learned a few important things like –

• Traffic generation

• How to select products to sell

• Basics of WordPress

• Domain name and hosting, and more.

After completing this module every member will have their landing page/website and email campaign ready.

Third Module – Money Making Labs

This module offers lessons on –

• Webinar Hosting

• Video Marketing

• Facebook Ads

• Creating ebooks

• Training on Click-Funnels and LeadPages

This module is quite like a library where you can learn what you desire to.

Fourth Module – I Love Traffic

This module helps you learn about the many ways of generating traffic and how you must apply them. There are 15 videos in total that teach you thing like –

• Forum Marketing

• Paid Ads

• Video Marketing

• Guest Blogging

As suggested by Chris, even if you master one or two traffic generation methods your business will certainly prosper.

Fifth Module – Webinars

Chris said that he will keep on hosting webinars on a regular basis on various internet marketing related topics and this section has been created for the same.

The CFM Support

A good training program without a good support is not worthwhile and Chris completely understands this fact. This is why CFM has an affiliate marketing forum driven by members, wherein members post questions related to basic problems and wait for a response. Chris even offers his contact details and encourages the members to call him whenever they get stuck somewhere. Such great support certainly proves to be immensely beneficial to the members.

How Much?

Take A Look At The Video Below. You Get To Watch This When You Enter Your Email To Find Out More Information.


So If You Want To Learn How To Create A Website Business Then Check Out Chris Farrell Membership Here. Pay nothing yet. Just enter your email (opt out straight away if you find it’s not for you), read all the information, pick up the free gifts and then decide if you want to pay the $4.95 for the 7 day trial.

Chris Farrell Membership Review: Conclusion

There is no doubt about the fact that the Chris Farrell Membership program is the best way to learn how to create a web business. Chris very successfully manages to help the members learn every important detail that they need to be aware of and that too in a very simple manner. His own experience in the field does prove to be highly beneficial to the members, and if properly followed, the program will help you earn good money online for sure.

Scored by The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs


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  • victor lavaza says:

    I have not heard about Chris Farrell Membership before, but I am always interested in money making websites, so I find this information very helpful, many thanks. I like that the training takes 21 days, not so long if you ask me, meaning you can have a website backed business up and running in under a month. If this review is anything to go by, it appears this is a platform I’d like to try.

    The pricing is not that bad as well considering the value that I will be paying for, so yes I am going to check it out.

    Best regards

  • Stefan says:

    Finally I found someone that can say some more about the Chris Farrell Membership than only it is the best.

    I actually work with the Wealthy Affiliate program and knew the Farrell program is a bit cheaper that’s why I am interested.

    After seeing this review though, and I think it’s a very honest one, I am again happy to have first found WA. All in all WA has the better offer for the price.

    I operate 4 websites and with the Farrell Membership I’d have to pay much more for the hosting for these. I’m sure I’d also miss all the community contributions at WA, the exclusive member training modules and the question discussion forums.

  • Mark Baker says:

    Hi Caelan

    The Chris Farrell Membership has been around for while and that’s a good thing. It means it’s trusted and enough people have been through the program successfully to vouch for it’s authenticity. 

    Of course I have come across both people who have been successful with this programme and those who haven’t. This is the case with most decent training programs. The fact is courses can only ever go so far and then it’s up to the individual to take sufficient action and for long enough until they are successful. 

    Other than the cost, I was curious to find out what you regard as the fundamental difference between The Chris Farrell Membership and Wealthy Affiliate? Is one better than the other for certain types of people?

    Thanks for covering this training so well in this review.


    • Hi Mark

      Thanks for your comments.

      CFM provides great training – especially for the beginner. WA gets my #1 recommendation as the training there is for everyone. WA also provides hosting and websites within it’s subscription.

      Thanks again.

  • Stratos K says:

    Interesting review. I like how you analyze this program in so much detail. I see that he offers a lot but what is most important is does all these lessons actually help you create an authoritative website? Because in Theory what he offers sounds good but the content of all these is what matters. Also does the price include web hosting or is it separate? I didn’t understand from reading the list if he just helps you to find some hosting or he includes that in the price also. Thank you for the share.

    • Hi. Thanks for your comments. CFM does not include hosting as part of his training. Although his training is very good – especially for beginners – the reason why Wealthy Affiliate is our #1 recommendation is that in addition to their excellent training they also provide world class hosting and websites within their membership.

      Thanks again Stratos

  • Bex says:

    This post seems like a solid offer and it looks like the CFM method is something that is affordable and offers great value for what you receive in return.  It is great that you mention the difference between a solid and integral affiliate business program vs the scams that can be found out there.  The list and and bullet points that delineate what is involved when you invest in this method of learning how to build your online business are very encouraging.  Thank you for the insight into this 8/10 recommended program.  I will definitely check it out!

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