How To Be More Productive Working At Home

Here Are 5 Simple Tips Which Will Help You To Make The Very Best Of Your Time For The Most Productive Day Possible.

Here Are 5 Simple Tips Which Can Help You To Make The Most Out Of Your Time For The Most Productive Day Possible.

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Tell me. Have you ever experienced those moments where you have wondered about where your time has gone and have realized that you didn't get much done at all for the whole of the day? Then you go to off to bed with the good intention that tomorrow will be different, is going to be better, but once again you fall into the old trap of another unproductive day. Well, let me tell you from experience that, the best way to guarantee a productive day is to prepare your to-do list the day before. This way, you will have the foresight of your process for the day ahead from the very beginning, when you wake up, right through to the end of the evening when you take yourself off to bed again. You will also find that this helps you to prioritize the important tasks first and as a result, even if your day gets inevitably hijacked by more immediate and urgent matters, you've achieved the most important tasks first.

1. The Art Of Working From Home Is To Start Your Day With A Little Time To Yourself

Starting your day off with a little 'me time' in the form of a little meditation or gentle exercise will help you gain focus and help you prioritize your tasks and actions for the day ahead. Meditation for example, will allow you to expell all that 'clutter' in your mind and help to organize it. Gentle exercises on the other hand will help boost your energy levels just enough as to not wear you out but instead refresh you and vigorates you and stops you getting lethargic. With time this action of meditation or gentle exercise will create a space of clarity in your head which gives you focus in your planning for the day.

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2. If You Find It Hard To Focus At Home Then Try Turning Off ALL The Distractions!

With the ongoing growth of technology, distractions when working from home are now at their highest levels ever. There are SO many 'time-vampires' today which easily disengaged people from their present moment and tasks. Turning off all these distractions such as mobile phone, radio, tv, video games and social media platforms, will save you so much time, will help you to become even more laser-focussed and will also help you to re-direct your energy towards achieving your daily tasks. Once you have completed your tasks, you can then reward yourself however you like. However, please make it a commitment to allocate the most energetic time of your day to your work and finishing that first.

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3. Make One Of Your Work At Home Habits Creating Checklist Of What You Want To Accomplish

By producing a checklist, what you have done is programmed your mind with an "intention which is akin to a purpose". If you have a well defined and clear, achievable purpose for your day, it will keep you well motivated and inspired to stay on course. It will also help you to stay totally committed to the 'plan' instead of veering off course. For every single task that has been accomplished, even the smaller ones, cross it off the checklist for positive affirmation. From time to time, you might not be able to finnish every task on your checklist by the end of the day due to a number of factors not under your control. Nonetheless, the idea of a checklist is, in the main, to set the intention of what you want to accomplish for the day so don't let the odd uncompleted checklist put you off!

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4. Set Realistic Milestones For Yourself

Create milestones to the finnish line by creating time blocks for the day. A time block is a specific amount of time you've set aside for a specific task or project. Instead of working with your eye on the clock, you can focus on finishing big and smaller tasks one at a time. When you are able to structure and allocate your time better and more efficiently, you take control of your productivity through discipline and focus.

5. Clear Your Mind By Coming Back To It Later

Our human minds are not meant to work for 8 hours straight. Our brains work best in about an hour to an hour and a half intervals of focused work. After that length of time, move away from your desk and do something different. Take a walk, listen to music or enjoying a cup of tea, anything really to help clear your mind. Even if your break is only as short as 5 minutes or so, such 'break' intervals really will help your brain re-energize itself thus giving you fresh vigure to enter your next time block of dedicated work.

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By practising these 5 simple tips, you will really surprise yourself by how much more quality work you will be able to pack into your day! Ultimately, what this means though, is that you will have more free time to do what you really want by getting more done in a much lesser span of time through setting yourself up for a super productive day.

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By following these simple tips, you will be surprised by how much more you will get done in a day. 

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