The Best How To Backlink & SEO Hacks [Ultimate Guide]

How To Backlink And SEO Hacks And Tips

I Have Collected Together These Backlinking And SEO Hacks From Experts All Over The Web. Read Them All And Put These "SEO Gems" To Work Straight Away.

With your help I may be able to find many more! Please leave your suggestions in the comments at the bottom.

Want to find the best place to help you with your SEO and how to backlink? Get all your SEO information here. More tips and hacks added frequently so check back regularly.

Source: Squirrly

I have collected together these backlinking and SEO hacks from experts all over the web. Read them all and put these "SEO gems" to work straight away.

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Get More Clicks On Your Content (One Step)

how to backlink using numbers in headlines and titles

Tactic: Make Your Titles Irresistible With Numbers
When it comes to the task of increasing organic traffic, getting your content listed on Google is winning just half the battle. You also have to get people to click on it.
Your title is your best chance to get people’s attention because it’s the first thing they see. One way to stop scanners in their tracks and stand out is to use a number. 

Your action steps: 

  • Experiment with adding numbers when creating your titles (e.g. 5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media; 4 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid; 10 Social Media Tools You Should Know)
  • Place the number at the start of the headline to make it pop. 
  • Take it to the next level by placing 2 numbers in your headline (e.g. 3 Ways to 2x Your Organic Traffic)
  • Don’t overdo it, though, or your headlines may start looking like math formulas!

9 Times More Leads (Tested)

create backlinks free using great content

Tactic: Getting More Leads Using Content
Everyone wants more leads, right? And creating great content can definitely help you meet your lead generation goals. But what type of content is best for lead-generation?
From an SEO standpoint, long-form content (over 2.5K words) is better. But short-form content is easier to consume and takes fewer resources to produce.  
So, the question remains: which one is better? One way to provide an accurate answer is to create both long and short articles for your email and blog subscribers, and then compare results. 
A team of marketers already did just that. Here are the results: 

  • long-form content generated 3x more Shares (compared to short form).
  • 8x more Page Views received from long-form content.
  • 9x more Leads generated from long-form content.

335.7% Higher Engagement On Twitter (Research)

high quality backlinks free from twitter

Tactic: Using Research-Driven Methods To Get Higher Tweet Engagement
Twitter is an amazing platform where you can engage with your followers, share posts and drive significant traffic to your landing pages and blog articles. 
Which naturally leads every social media marketer to ask this question: How to get higher engagement for my tweets and build an engaged audience?  
These guys analyzed 23,858 Tweets by 145 MarTech Twitter accounts to come up with an answer. Based on their findings, here’s what you can do to dramatically boost engagement on Twitter. 
Your action steps: 

  • Post 8-10 tweets per day to get high tweet engagement.
  • Start your tweets with words like “Thanks,” “Top,” “We,” “Learn,” and “Congratulations” for higher tweet engagement.
  • Use mentions in your tweets (using four mentions in a tweet will give 335.7% higher average engagement compared to 0 mentions).
  • Tweet during your audience’s morning commute, the time before lunch, the evening commute, and between 9 PM and midnight.

How You Can Easily Become Competitive In Any Field You Choose

Let’s say you want to tackle a market: it can be your market or a new market (niche) that you want to enter.

What I’ll tell you about today is part of a strategy that works with any kind of business, whether it’s a “sushi restaurant”, “cheap PC games”, “self driving car solutions”, “airport beacon technology”, “house painters in my location”, “pokemon go”. Or anything else.

WHY? Because Google and people (like: real human beings from your audience) have certain expectations that any type of business needs to meet.

So while there may be some tactics working better in one field than it does in the other, the strategy can be the same market to market.

So there are things you can consider when deciding how to tackle the market:

- will you do SEO?
- if you do SEO: will you only create pages with direct keywords, or will you also get indirect keywords and build funnels to convert the people coming to your site via indirect keywords?
- will you do email marketing?
- will you do social media?
- how should your site be organized?
- what pages should you have on your WordPress site?

You’re not the only one who has this problem. I have this problem and hundreds of thousands more business owners have this problem: not knowing what the focus should be.

This goes a wee bit deeper, it turns out. It’s not only what you can focus on, but also: what kinds of strategies could you focus on, in order to overtake your competitors in that field?

The most important thing to study when you’re trying to outmatch other competing businesses is: 

- what are their weak points?


If you know their weak points, there’s your chance to overtake them.

You’ll be thinking along the lines of:

1) Case 1: Weak SEO:

Competitor ACME INC. has all of these pages and all this original content on their site, but the SEO on each of these pages is ghastly. Now’s my chance to really go after them and outmatch ‘em.

Then you’ll be looking at the rest of the market to see how they are doing.

If all of them are weak: bad On-Page SEO (meaning they’d get 100% only RED elements showing up in the Focus Pages section of
Squirrly SEO 2019), bad Off-Page SEO (few backlinks, few social shares, few inner links) and very low domain authority, then that’s your cue to go after them and take their place!

2) Case 2: Weak Social Media Presence:

Due to various changes in the Social Media platform landscape, there are numerous businesses who have quit spending time on social media management. They don’t create social media campaigns, don’t use social media to generate leads, don’t promote anything of theirs to social media, etc.

Warning: I mean organic social media here, not paid ads on Facebook. Those fall under the advertising category.

If this is the case, then you have a really good shot at making it big by focusing on social media, because your competitors aren’t doing that and they’re leaving an opening which you can capitalize on.

3) Case 3: Weak Website Architecture, Low Value Content

This is one of my personal favorite cases.

Even though it’s 2019, many businesses still have very poor websites. I don’t just mean over-worked small business owners who have no time left for creating new pages and new details on their sites.

I also mean NASDAQ-listed (yes, you read that right) corporations worth hundreds of millions of dollars. They also have very poor websites.

How do I know?

The guys at Squirrly manually checked 5 of the TOP corporations in a certain lucrative industry (all about automations, mapping technology, etc.). Yes, they created excel files where they wrote tons of details about URL structure, website navigation, content logic, keyword usage, technical SEO problems, and the nature of the content they were presenting.

All except 1 were completely disappointing. Even though content marketing is a clear lead generator in the high tech industry, 4 of the top corporations in this space were doing a horrible job at creating digital content.

I don't mean just blog posts. They were failing at all types of digital content. You could've heard about them from industry events like trade shows and conferences. You went to their sites, and from their sites you couldn't possibly understand what they had to offer, what they were doing, who the leadership team was, etc.

Content is very important if you want to attract people and paint a clear picture regarding the activity of your company, your services, your products.

At one point at their agency they had a high tech business as a client. They’ve created content for them and a clear blogging strategy. It got them tens of thousands $$ worth of deals from big names like IBM.

However, let's go back to the main story here with the 5 corporations.

In the study it turned out that the 1 company who actually did something about creating a clear and calculated website is the one company you always hear people talking about in that space.

Coincidence? Nope, they are just simply the best, because they actually explain the kinds of tech you can get from them and the types of partnerships they’re looking forward to.

Now: you may already be asking: “Okay, so are you pitching us on the importance of content marketing here?”


I’m just writing to show you that if I were a contender for that space I’d definitely go after this industry with all my might! The competition I would have in this field would be so bad at marketing, that I’d have huge chances of success.

I probably won’t be number 1, but hey: number 2 ain’t all that bad. Especially considering the money involved in this industry.

Just like with the Australian Grand Prix, I would not have minded being Hamilton with his second position. Hamilton rocks and everybody knows that #formula1

Let’s do a short recap of everything:

If you need to become competitive in your existing market or a new market: identify weak spots in your competitors’ strategies.

do they have:

- weak SEO?
- weak social media?
- weak website architecture and weak digital content?

If any of these 3 things can be answered with YES, then YOU have an answer: GO and become competitive starting today in that market simply by doing amazingly well what they’re not doing at all!

If all 3 can be answered with YES, then why are you still reading this article? Get to work. Just keep a bank account open for all of the money that will pour in!

These (and a few more) are all reasons why you should start studying your competition: not in order to copy them, but to identify their weak spots.

So you can ultimately overtake them!

You can even overtake FitBit’s blog, for example, by going after fitness industry keywords that they don’t cover. (which is 100% insane, given how competitive this niche is. Yet, it’s possible.)

Boost Social Media Traffic (The 4-1-1 Tactic)

how to build backlinks for new websites with social media

Tactic: Use The 4-1-1 Approach To Increase Social Proof And Traffic

The 4-1-1 principle was developed and made popular by this guy, Andrew Davis, one of the UK's leading authorities on digital and social media. According to him, your social media routine should follow a specific rhythm in order to be most successful.  
His 4-4-1 recipe is described in your action steps below. 
Your action steps

  • Every 6 posts you publish on social media should follow exactly this pattern:
  • 4 posts should make reference to influencers in your niche (either re-posts or content tagging the influencers).
  • 1 post should feature original, educational, valuable content that you’ve created.
  • The last of the six should be sales oriented (discount coupons, special deals, and so on).

Content Ideas For SEO (Competition Research)

backlinks website - use keywords

Tactic: Get Inspired By Your Competition To Come Up With Long Lists Of Topics In Bunches
Creating SEO content for your website requires a lot of time and resources to do well. And when it doesn’t translate into visitors and sales, it’s all in vain. 
Now, a piece of content may not perform well for a bunch of different reasons. However, you can significantly increase your odds of success by prequalifying your content idea. 
SEO content is built around keywords. So, a great way to find profitable content ideas for SEO is to see what keywords others in your niche use to bring traffic to their site.
If your most successful competitor already uses certain keywords to rank on Google, it means those keywords have potential. 
Your action steps: 

  • Find keywords being used by using Ubersuggest
  • Analyze the list of keywords.
  • Look for topics that you aren’t currently covering in your site content. 
  • Research the keywords using a keyword research tool (follow the orange button below) to validate them as being great opportunities. 
  • Create better SEO content around those keywords/for that topic and steal your competition’s spot in Search Engine Listings. For example, say you are using a top 10 list from a competitor’s blog as an inspiration for a new content idea. Try to one-up them by creating a top 15 list on the same topic.

5 Times More Traffic In 3 Months (5 Steps)

backlinks seo example

Tactic: Leverage Guest Posting To Increase Traffic 

Ever tried guest posting? If not, you are missing out on a significant opportunity to increase brand awareness and get more traffic. 

However, in order to be successful with this and not waste your resources, you need to put together a guest posting strategy.

Here is a reliable formula that you can largely replicate.

Your action steps: 

  1. Develop your buyer persona as thoroughly as possible
  2. Pick a topic to write about (one that you would also choose for your own blog).
  3.  Write high-quality, in-depth content around that topic (make it over 1,500 words).
  4. Start building a relationship with your target influencers by interacting with them on social media, retweeting their posts and commenting on their articles.
  5. Pitch your content to the influential bloggers in your niche. You’re more likely to get a positive response if they already (sort of) know you. 

16 Times Increase In Revenue And 3 Times Higher ROI

social media marketing for backlinks

Tactic: Experiment With Social Media Marketing To Boost Revenue

When done right, social media marketing represents a tremendous opportunity for your business. Peel, a company that sells thin phone cases that are both functional and stylish used Facebook video ads to showcase their products.

Through these ads, they did a great job of telling the story of what separates their products from everyone else. Their results? 16x increase in revenue and 3x higher ROI.

Your action steps:

  • Brainstorm ideas to set your brand apart on social media, especially if you are in a competitive industry.
  • Experiment with social media advertising.
  • Leverage the power of social media to strengthen your brand messaging and story.

Increase ReTweets By 150% (Crazy Easy!)

increase retweets

Imagine standing at the podium, giving a speech to a room full of people. This is the best, most persuasive speech you’ve ever given. You’ve worked really hard to include valuable information that you know those in the audience will love.

The problem? No one is listening to you.

This is the perfect metaphor for publishing content on Twitter, but getting no one to engage with your post. Luckily, there’s a proven way to maximize engagement on every post you share.   

Tactic: Boost Retweets By Increasing The Aesthetic Appeal Of Your Posts

One study conducted by Buffer revealed that sharing images on Twitter increases retweets by 150%. Plus, research shows that users engaged at a rate 5X higher when an image was included.

Your action steps:

  • Start adding an image to every one of your Twitter posts.
  • Experiment with images with text, screenshots, mini infographics, even memes (if that’s in sync with your brand).
  • Ensure there is a clear connection between the visual and the content it’s tied with.

12 Times More Organic Backlinks (Super Secret Ninja Hack)

backlinking ninja hacks

Acquiring backlinks is a thorny issue for most website owners. Backlinks are a crucial factor that impacts a page’s rankings, which is why everyone wants them. But getting backlinks is not as easy as wanting them.

There’s a hack you can use to make this job easier.

Tactic: Leveraging Existing Backlinks To Get 12X More Organic Backlinks

You probably know that you’re more likely to be able to sell something to an existing customer compared to selling it to a new prospect. 12 times more likely, actually.

Have you ever thought about the fact that the same principle can apply to link-building? Meaning that someone who has already linked to your site is 12X more likely to do it again.

Your action steps:

  • Go to (your website should be added here)
  • Pick your website from the list
  • Click "Search Traffic" - "Links To Your Site" to see the list of domains who already list to your site
  • Thank them in an email and let them know about the awesome piece of content you’ve just posted on your site.

900% Boost In Organic Traffic (5 Step Link Building Strategy)

how to baclink: link building strategy

Getting high-authority bloggers and journalists to link to your website can definitely give you a boost in traffic. But scoring those backlinks in the first place can be challenging. 

Luckily, there is a tested technique you can use to land mentions and backlinks from popular sites in your niche - even if you have a new site with literally zero connections. 

Tactic: Using Guestographics To Boost Organic Traffic

A little while ago, Brian Dean from Backlinko shared a secret 5-step formula called Guestographics that helped one of his readers boost his organic traffic by more than 900% in just six weeks. Below, you’ll find the exact steps he followed to achieve this.  

Your action steps:

  • Post a high-value, high-quality infographic on your site.
  • Find sites that write about your infographics topic (a simple Google search will do).
  • Write an email telling how much you enjoyed reading the content they’ve created and show them your cool infographic on the same topic.
  • Offer a unique, well-written introduction to go along with the infographic.
  • Get your contextual backlinks (which is a lot more powerful than if someone just pasted the infographic in a blog post).

3806% More Conversions (Case Study)

Use gated content to increase subscribers

Tactic: Using Gated Content To Increase Email Subscribers

Photowebo, a site that provides resources to help photographers build a stronger online presence, increased conversions by 3806% largely due to switching from pop-ups to gated content.

In their case, the content was a list of 101 different email subject lines their audience can use for their photography email marketing.  But, generally speaking, gated content refers to any type of online content that users fill out a form before they can access them. 

Your action steps: 

  • Make a list of your most popular, long-form blog articles, whitepapers or eBooks.
  • Consider turning them into gated content (by blurring or removing content below a set point on the page).  
  • Visitors will have to opt in to see the whole resource.
  • Market it as exclusive content to further increase its appeal.
  • Make it clear to the reader that you will provide the full resource in exchange for their email address. 

25.4% More Engagement For Twitter Ads

How To Increase Engagement On Twitter

Tactic: Boost engagement for promoted posts with emojis

Unlike organic social media marketing where there are multiple variables at play, in paid social, it’s super-easy to do a split test of the same promoted post with and without emojis to the same targeting group at the same time.

Larry Kim, the founder the WordStream, conducted an experiment to analyze the impact emojis have on user engagement. 

He ran two different ads on Twitter, one with emojis and one without, and saw that the tweet with emojis received 25.4% more engagement than the one without. Plus, it had a 22.2% lower cost per engagement.

Your action steps: 

  • Consider running a similar test yourself and see if the emoji variant beats out the non-emoji promoted post. 

161% More Conversions On The Homepage (A/B test)

Split Test Stock Images With Original Images

Tactic: A/B testing a Stock Image vs a Real Image on the home page

By changing the image used on their homepage, 160 Driving Academy (a truck driving school) scored significant conversion gains. 

The academy had been using a stock image of a man driving a truck on its homepage. Then they decided to test the page with the photograph of a real student instead. 

The primary conversion goal they set was the number of visits to the ‘Thank You’ page (the page site visitors are taken to after filling out a conversion form on their homepage)

The result? Using a real image led to an 161% lift in conversions. 

Your action steps: 

  1. Review the images on your homepage (main page) 
  2. Are you using a stock image? 
  3. Consider creating a variation of your homepage in which you use a relevant and unique image that is not “stock."
  4. Run an A/B test to see which of the two pages perform better based on your conversion goals. 
  5. Sit back and let statistics pick you a winner. 

200% Increase In Mobile Conversion Rate

How to get a 200% increase in mobile conversion rate

Tactic: Increase mobile conversion rate by reviewing your sites stats. and utilizing different forms of site visitor feedback

By optimizing the mobile version of its website, UK-based wedding shoes retailer Elegant Steps managed to reduce their bounce rate by 50% and increase their conversion rate by 200% within a month.

What led to these impressive results?

By using data from Google Analytics, scroll-maps, and heatmaps solutions, they saw that their main unique selling propositions (including free shipping) did not appear above the fold on mobile devices. 

Also, the text across the home page image was difficult to read because it faded into the background. Based on the insights gained, they knew exactly what they have to fix to create a better experience for mobile visitors.  

Your action steps: 

  1. Review your site’s analytics data to spot possible red flags. 
  2. Consider using a tool like Hotjar to see what visitors do on your site.
  3. You can also use on-page surveys/polls to gather user feedback.
  4. Bring all the research together to identify possible barriers to conversion on your site. 

258% More Backlinks (Case Study)

Gain more backlinks by using charts

You probably know that you should use images to enhance your content and break down blocks of text. But did you think about the potential images have when it comes to helping you score more backlinks for your site? 

Neil Patel decided to analyze all the types of images he used for articles that generated the highest number of backlinks.

Here are all the images he compared: stock photography, screenshots, hand-drawn images, animations, infographics, charts, and copyright-free images. 

Can you guess which received the most backlinks?  

It’s charts! Posts that featured graphs and charts received 258% more backlinks compared to articles that included other types of images. 

Your action steps: 

  • Consider running a similar analysis on your site.
  • Try adding more industry-relevant graphs and charts into your posts (data and facts are super valuable and can help you gain more backlinks)

Boost Your Business With Video Content

Boost your business with video content

Video is more engaging and more memorable among consumers compared to any other type of content. 76% of businesses say video has helped them increase sales, and 80% of marketers say using video content has increased time spent on their website. 

So, if you haven’t done it already, you should start making video a part of your marketing strategy.  Here’s more data that backs this up. 

But that doesn’t mean creating new content every week, which can take up a lot of effort and time. One thing you can try is to trim your live webinars recordings into shorter clips and share them on social media. 

This also works for other online video events (like a product launch event, for instance). 

This way, you maximize your video content and ensure your live webinars won’t be short-lived. Plus, it’s a great method to engage your followers and make it seem like you’re producing lots of new videos. 

The Samuel L. Jackson Email Hack

Make it easy to share email

“Everybody knows, when you make an assumption, you make an ass out of you and umption.” --- it’s a famous line Samuel L. Jackson delivers in the movie The Long Kiss Goodnight.

But what does this nugget of sweet street wisdom has to do with you and email marketing?

Well, it links to the fact that a lot of what is done in marketing rests on making assumptions that may not necessarily be true. Like assuming that your emails are so great that users will jump through hoops to share them with their friends.

In reality, most of us are lazy in nature, so any additional steps that need to be taken represent obstacles. This means you should make it as easy as possible for your users to share your emails. 

You can hack this by crafting pre-made ‘Forward to a Friend’ emails following these steps:

  • Write your referral email copy (don’t forget to include a CTA and a link to your offer page in the body)
  • Copy-paste it into to create a pre-populated email.
  • Include links where you need them. 

Use Quora To Get On The 1st Page Of Google

Quora is a platform where you can ask and answer questions about pretty much any topic you can think of. 

Because it features a lot of original, user-generated content and allows its content to be indexed by Google, many of its pages rank for some of the most competitive terms on the internet. 

Which means Quora is a powerful marketing tool. If you answer the right questions, your answer will be featured on the first page of Google. 

So, how do you find the right questions?

Your action steps: 

  • Go to SEMrush (you can sign up for a free 7-days account)
  • In SEMrush, go to Domain Analytics > Organic Research > search for
  • Click on Advanced Filters and filter for Keywords which contain your target keyword. (Positions less than 10 and Volume greater than 100)
  • Go to Quora and create the best possible answer. Of course, you can mention a page in your site that you want people to know about (but only if it makes sense; don’t spam).

Use Your Author Bio As A Marketing Tool

Use your author bio box as a marketing tool

After reading an informative or interesting post, most site visitors will find themselves scrolling to the bottom of the post to learn more about the author. 

It’s something that most people do almost automatically. And, as a site owner, you can use it to your advantage and boost your marketing game. 

How? By getting creative with your Author Box description and using it to promote your services or other resources that you want site visitors to know about. 

For example, say you have a webinar coming up and you want more people to sign up for it. You can tweak your bio and include something like: “Gearing up for our biggest webinar yet” and link to a page where people can learn more about it and sign up. 
This way, all those who will read your articles and author bio will also find out about your upcoming webinar. And since they already enjoyed the content you provided, they are more likely to sign up.

+840% Signups On The Home Page (Case Study)

Use a sign up form on your homepage for an increase in conversions

Tactic: Redesigning the Home page to Boost Conversions

The HOTH, an online marketing agency, was getting a decent amount of traffic to their home page, but the account signup was just 1.4%. 

Most of their traffic came from referrals, word of mouth and direct traffic. That meant that people who landed on their Homepage were already familiar with the company and some of the services they provide. 

So, what The HOTH decided to do was to change their long form home page to just a signup form and run an A/B test to see which of the two variations performed best.  

The Result? The new homepage with just a sign-up form (and not much else) increased the number of free account sign-ups by more than 13%

Their conclusion was that the additional information on the initial page distracted the visitors from the signing up to create a free account - and probably raised more questions than it answered.

Left vs Right: Where To Put Your CTA Buttons (Research)

Call To Action

The call-to-action (CTA) is one of the most important elements to consider when designing a page, as it plays an essential role in shaping the user’s experience effectively. 

In addition to color, shape and other aspects related to design, where you place your CTAs will also help determine how effective your call-to-action buttons are. 

When it comes to left versus right, research is pretty clear about what’s the best placement of your CTA. It’s RIGHT. 

And it’s all because of the Gutenberg Diagram. The diagram marks a “Z” across a web page, separating the different optical areas within it. Each end and tip of the Z point to different levels of visual acuity and attentiveness of your visitors.

Based on this, the two spots on the right (at the first point of the “Z” and the very end of it) are the two areas of a page where visitors expect to take action. 

That’s why your call-to-action should be towards the right side of the screen. 

Improve Page Speed (A Quick Fix)

​How fast do images load on your site?

When a user accesses a URL from your site: how long does it take for that URL to load in the user’s browser?

If your pages take long to load, your site visitors (and your potential customers) will become impatient. Nobody likes to be kept waiting. 

For context, if it takes more than three seconds for a page to load, over half of visitors will leave

In other words, for every second of impatient agony that you’re causing visitors with slow load times, you’re losing potential leads, conversions, and profit.

Beyond your bottom line, page speed also influences how your content ranks on Google.

If you want your pages to appear in the SERP, you need them to load fast.

Now let's talk about what you can do. 

Image loading times cause some of the biggest problems.

So, one of the most effective things you can do to improve page speed is to make your images quicker to load by reducing their size.


There’s a super easy and quick way to do this. 

If you have a WordPress site, you can use the special version prepared for the Squirrly Users Community, by ShortPixel.

It will automatically start making your images faster to load.

Each image fix costs credits, and this is the only way to get more FREE credits from ShortPixel than they usually give to their free users.

Check it out.

I have collected together these backlinking and SEO hacks from experts all over the web. Read them all and put these "SEO gems" to work straight away.

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