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Genesis Theme Review: Summary

  • Platform: Genesis
  • Website:
  • Who is it for? Anyone – No previous experience or tech skills required.
  • Earning Potential: N/A
  • Owners: StudioPress
  • Price: $59.95
  • My Score: 8.0/10 – Recommended

If you’ve been blogging for quite some time now, you surely must be aware of how important your website’s design is for your blog’s success. If you are truly interested in making money by blogging and want to enjoy better conversion rates then you have to try and improve your website or blog design. This is one reason why we have written our Genesis theme review.

Without an attractive theme design being used on your WordPress website, you may very well be lagging behind your competition – even if you post great content! After all, you yourself would not want to read content on a badly designed website and thus, you cannot expect the same out of others.

Now that you have decided to use a good looking WordPress theme you also need to understand that investing in a free one will not likely be a good idea. You must consider a premium WordPress theme as it will be well coded, offer a unique look, and should be highly secure. Now, there are many premium WordPress themes out there but the one that is enjoying great ratings and is gaining more and more popularity each day is Genesis Framework by StudioPress – and why? Hopefully this Genesis theme review will help you figure it out!

Do You Know What The Genesis Framework Actually Is?

The Genesis Framework is like the foundation for your blog. Once you activate Genesis Framework on your WordPress website it allows you the freedom to select from many, many high-quality themes that have specially been created for the framework. Also, Genesis is very flexible and allows power users and developers to either customize the themes or even create their own so that they can build the exact type of website they desire.

Genesis developers beautifully describe the connection between WordPress, the child themes and the framework wherein WordPress is the engine of a car, Genesis is the body and the frame, and the child themes are the paint job. Sitting on top of WordPress, the Genesis Framework has the code which governs the core features, functionality and design of your website, and its child themes have the visual design elements and properties that help create the front end of a website that visitors get to see.

Features Of The Genesis Framework By StudioPress

So Why Is The Genesis Theme Framework So popular?

There are many reasons behind the ever-growing popularity of the Genesis framework, including – 

1. The Unique Layout Options

Genesis is very easy to use. Even if you are a first time user you can have Genesis set up on your WordPress site and make it look professional. Every Genesis child theme has its own unique settings and with just a few clicks, after entering some basic details, placing widgets inside the footer and column part, and sliding some toggle switches, you can make changes to the way it looks and works. There is no need to add any scripts or code or mess around with the theme files.

2. Very Reasonably Priced

Genesis is reasonably priced. There may be themes that are cheaper but if you consider all that Genesis offers you, and the way it makes things super easy, you will find it very economical. The Framework will cost you $59.95 and you may also consider investing in the child theme. A first-time user can get Genesis and the child theme for around $99.95.

3. So Reliable And Just About 100% Perfect!

As far as reliability and performance are concerned, Genesis is the first name most people can think of. Lots and lots of time has been invested in designing, researching, and developing the child themes and you can be sure of experiencing no errors or glitches whatsoever. Also, most of the child themes are lightweight and this makes the page load time speed a lot better – crucial for SEO.

4. Great Support And Customer Service

Genesis Theme support is great and is handled by StudioPress. Once you become a lifetime member you will get to enjoy premium support whenever you need and also lifetime updates on the themes you have purchased.

5. In-Built SEO Which Is SO Important

Genesis, unlike most other premium quality themes, offers in-built SEO. It is extremely lightweight and so you will not need any extra SEO plugins for your content. Using Genesis, you will be able to add page title, Meta keywords, Meta descriptions, custom redirect URL’s, and enjoy a lot more.

6. A Perfect Option For Web Developers And Designers

You do not have to pay any developer fees with Genesis and you get to enjoy developer rights automatically. So you will get to enjoy Genesis and also the child themes on as many client projects as you want to and also get unlimited support and updates.

7. Great Themes – Take A Look Below At Just 6 Of Them:

Premium Genesis Themes: Just A Few Of The Many Available

So Who Should Use The Genesis Framework? Which Group Are You?

In my  opinion, the ideal Genesis Framework user can be divided into three groups –

Are You The Beginner?

The first group includes those who want a well-documented, supported and user-friendly WordPress theme that will help provide their website with a professional and high-quality makeover without any hassle.

As Genesis is popular for its SEO focused structure and fast loading code you can be sure, not only will your website look great, but the chances of it appearing in the search engines will also highly increase.

Are You The Developer?

This group includes those who want a great foundation on which they can create their desired custom themes. With the help of easy to understand and clean code of the framework, it will be super simple to create your child themes atop Genesis and will also be super quick. StudioPress has already spent a lot of time in its creation and updates to reach where it now is, and thus you get to save all the time and efforts.

Do You Fall Into ‘The Group In Between’?

A third group that lies between the other two above-mentioned groups are not developers and are satisfied using the Genesis child theme. They may want to make some changes to their selected themes and maybe pick up certain coding skills. Using the Genesis customization tools, these non-developers can change the look of their websites without having to edit any code.

Genesis Theme Review: Conclusion

Now that you have gone through my Genesis theme review I know hope you understand a little more as to why is it so popular amongst webmasters and bloggers all over the world. Not only is Genesis inexpensive, but its great features, ease of usability, great customer support, easy customizability and a lot, lot more that it offers, makes it the best choice, the one choice that you will never ever regret making. So, take a closer look and if you like what you see, invest in the Genesis theme right away, enjoy an edge over your competitors, and enjoy a growth like never before, and all without having to invest much time and effort.

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