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How To Generate 700 Free Leads Or More

Want hundreds of free leads

Effective Lead Generation Is More Than Using One Specific Tool ... It’s Also About Getting Creative. Want Loads Of Free Leads Anyone?

And that’s what ViperChill (Glen Alsop) did when creating his squeeze page that ended up generating 700 additional free leads via social media.  

For those of you who may be feeling a bit confused right now, a squeeze page is simply a page that was designed to serve one core function: to collect a user's email address.
It’s a specific type of landing page, and unlike other types of landing pages that can be used to educate users on a specific product or service, squeeze pages are generally shorter, containing little to no images and very minimal text.

Most importantly, squeeze pages focus on quickly communicating a single core offer. 
In ViperChill’s case, users were asked to provide their email address so that they can receive profitable niches ideas right in their inbox.

And here comes the really interesting part. 

When someone signed up to the email list, they were sent to a “Thank You” page which contained an offer: a free 20-page eBook which showed, in detail, how he grew his blog to over 10,000 subscribers in just 12 months.

The catch: In order for people to get the free guide, they had to Tweet or 
Facebook share a link to the squeeze page. 

This "free leads" tactic ended up sending hundreds of additional visitors to his page. 

How To Get +700 FREE Leads & Increase Website Traffic​

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