Leveraging The Power Of YouTube To Make Affiliate Sales With ClickBank & Amazon

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Leveraging The Power Of YouTube

Follow these quick steps to start earning commissions today:

Step 1:
Identify Your Niche. If you're not too sure what your ideal niche may be, just choose one and run with it – you can always change your mind, rinse and repeat, and go  with another niche at a later time.

Step 2:
Choose a Market Place. Work out exactly which marketplace/network/store you will be utilising to find products to sell.

Step 3:
Select a Product. Do lots of  research here in order figure out the exact product you wish to promote. Then go ahead and grab your affiliate link!

Step 4:
Shoot Your Video. Work out exactly how you are going to make your video (eg. talking head, screencast, etc.) and start recording it.

Step 5:
Upload and Optimize. Get your video on YouTube and begin optimizing the title, description, and keyword tags in order to gain maximum search visibility.

Step 6:
Rinse and Repeat. Go ahead and choose another product and begin again with steps 3 through to 5.


Want to Learn More?

To learn in more detail exactly how to leverage each of these 6 steps and start making real commissions on autopilot, watch our series of training videos below and start implementing our blueprint today!

video #1

Video #1 covers affiliate networks or marketplaces. We’ll be talking about how you can select and also get setup with the associate market place that’s right for you.

video #2

Video #2 is about choosing the all important product. We will identify the methods to take in how to recognize which items will sell best for you.

video #3

Video #3 is where we are going to go on a little about traffic, specifically the YouTube videos in addition to the best ways to utilize traffic generation methods properly.

video #4

Video #4 is where we’ll develop your battle plan and also figure out the best ways to implement what you’ve learned.

Course Resources/Tools

#1/ Snagit

So as you learned in our Affiliate Marketing guide, video is one of the most effective ways of marketing and promoting affiliate products. But let’s face it: not all of us want to put our faces on camera. And not all of us can create professional animated videos. Frankly, a lot of us wouldn’t have the time to do that kind of stuff even if we could do it.

So what’s the quickest and easiest way to crank out videos promoting affiliate offers?
Screen recordings.

And the quickest and easiest way to do screen recordings is with a tool like Snagit.

Seriously. All you need to do is record your screen while looking at a product or web page, give a little verbal overview, hit finish and upload it to YouTube. Rinse and repeat.

CLICK HERE to go grab Snagit.


So maybe you’ve got a cool camera or an animated video software and you’re all squared away in that department.

The question is, how do you stand out from the other five million people who are promoting affiliate offers through video? How do you make sure YOURS works?

Well what if there was a sales video expert who had made thousands of dollars promoting products via video and had boiled every last part of an effective video down to a science? And what if that expert were to show you every little secret he had about making the pitch in a way that get’s the sale every time?

Well, lucky for you, this video guru has done exactly that and he’s offering it all to you with Vidifire.

CLICK HERE to learn more about it.

#3/ Affiliate Titan

Do you remember when that first self-described guru you encountered online told you how easy affiliate marketing would be?

Remember the video montages of people relaxing on the beach and enjoying life?

Yeah, that would’ve been nice…

By now you know that affiliate marketing is a lot of work!

You’ve got to pick an affiliate platform or marketplace. Then you’ve got to figure out how to find top selling, trending products that will perform good for you ON THAT DAY. Then you’ve got to request approval and start writing up sales scripts for it. Then you’ve got to do the actual videos and upload them and HOPE they get ranked so people actually click on them. Then you’ve got to start the whole long process over again.

What if you could grab one single suite of tools that does ALL of those things for you?

If that sounds good to you, you’ll want to go check out Affiliate Titan 3.

This mega bundle literally does all of this for you. It automatically shows you the best performing and trending products from all the major affiliate platforms and marketplaces and let’s you request an affiliate link for them. Then it spits out a pre-written sales script for that product, based on tested and proven templates. Then it automatically generates promotional videos for you. And finally, it automated the process of getting your videos to rank higher.

Yeah, I know, sounds to good to be true. You need to see it to believe it. And you can do that RIGHT HERE.

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