Fire Your Boss! – Why Do I Want To Be My Own Boss?

Why do I want to be my own boss

Why Do I Want To Be My Own Boss? In This Article You Will Find Out How To Fire Your Boss And Join The Online Revolution!

Tips On How To Secretly Create An Online Income Stream While Working 9-5 – And Go Full Time Before You Know It!


Welcome to Fire Your Boss And Join The Online Revolution!

Most people would love to start a home based business but before you do, ask yourself ‘Why do I want to be my own boss? ‘They long for the flexibility of being able to work whenever they want to or wherever they want to. However, it is challenging to get there because a lot of them are stuck in the rat race!

They feel that they are controlled by their employers. They feel that it would certainly take way too much time. A few of them also moan that they are too worn out to do anything when they get home!

Whatever your justifications and excuses may be, you will most probably find the solution in this article (or at the very least, find out exactly what it takes to get started). That you are actually rading this artice shows you have taken the initiative and you ought to congratulate yourself on taking this first important step!

The Internet is a place that is filled with endless possibilities. It is very easy to find a business model that makes money for anyone as long as they put in the effort to learn and work hard.

All that it takes is that you believe in yourself and believe that you will be able to free yourself from the shackles of your 9-5 job and you will be able to find the means to achieve it. After all, if you want something badly enough, you will go all out and find the means to achieve your goals.

The internet is an area that is loaded with unlimited possibilities. It is really quite simple to find a business model will make anyone money as long as they devote enough time and effort to it.

All it takes is that you believe in the fact that you can do it and that you will succeed in throwing off the shackles of your 9-5 daily grind. If you want something badly enough, you will head out with ‘all guns blazing’ in order to realize your dreams.

So, let’s get into the detail of all this!

Key Concepts behind this article

In this article, I am hoping you will learn:

• What type of mentality you must have if you ever want to escape from the rat race!

• How the skills you have can become your greatest assets online!

• How to pick the correct online business model that suits your skill set

• How to invest as little as 4 hours of your time a day and then be able to quit your job or fire your boss… within 6 months!

• Get lots of resources in order to get you started straight away!

Working Part Time with A Full Time Mentality

One of the greatest reasons people fail don’t succeed as an internet marker (or fail to escape their treadmill daily grind) is, in large, a result of a problematic way of thinking about online marketing.

Yes, it is true that you need to invest the precious remaining few hours you have in the day after you get home from work BUT that does NOT mean that you should accept a part-time or half-hearted way of thinking in relation to your online business.

Imagine this analogy…

Let’s assume that an air plane takes off at 150MPH. You will need to ‘drive’ at a certain speed before the plane develops enough speed to take off. Do you think the plane will be able to fly itself off the ground if you are only travelling at only 100MPH?

Of course not! It will not take off even if you are flying at 140MPH!

Internet marketing is just like this. You will need to work at a certain momentum before you:

• Develop the necessary knowledge to build your business (you can’t really ‘drive’ far if you are constantly locked in 2nd gear).

• You need to show others that you are committed enough before they are ready to do a joint venture with you (after all, no one wants to JV with a half-hearted marketer – especially if they know that you are not constantly available).

• You need to build your reputation strong enough because it will lessen your promotion work – the speed of trust between you and your customers is very crucial.

The Art of Building Assets Online

When you are building your online business, you should take the time to develop online ‘assets’ if you wish to eventually fire your boss. Let me elaborate on this:

Believe it or not, a 9-5 job is only short-term revenue. It can be a lot or a little, but basically it is still short term … Why? Because the moment you stop working, you quit making money straight away!

Your boss may endure your idleness for a few days but if you don’t work hard by putting in those man hours, you will certainly never get any more pay!

If you keep on trading time for money, you will certainly never ever be free of your work!

Online assets are rather different. Here are a few things that you can apply to your online mentality:

• Leveraging on the Internet. You can gain traffic from the various search engines or by viral marketing.

• Leveraging on other Internet marketers. You do not have to build a mailing list if you have produced a great new product that will keep customers wanting to buy it and affiliates who are selling it again and again.

Leveraging on your mailing list. They say that he money is definitely in the list. It takes 15-30 mins to create a proper Email to your subscriber list. The great feature of E-mail advertising and marketing is that it will take you the very same amount of time to mail to your listing no matter if your listing has 100 or 100,000 people subscribed to it!

• Leveraging on your reputation online. A blogger might start out without any RSS subscribers, yet the more and more you keep blogging and the more you network, you will be eventually be blogging with the exact same effort however with more people reading your blog (and you will certainly be able to monetize from the web traffic!).

• Leveraging on outsourced work. If you are making great money, you will have the ability to outsource your jobs to other people and so spend more time on advertising your products (therefore, making even more cash!).

Investing Into Your Assets Through Outsourcing

Not every person can do every single little thing at once. Even if you are proficient at all the jobs (albeit a master of none …), you will certainly still have to contract out every so often as the need to develop more and more online assets must NOT be restricted by your time alone but by developing more of them with leveraging on other people’s time and skills.

Remember this principle; the sum of the entirety is more than the component parts.

You may outsource certain jobs like writing, graphics or SEO, however, eventually you will need to develop a goal (using a tried and tested business model) that will certainly start to piece everything together with each other and synergize.

Monetizing Your  Personal Core Competencies

The very best way to get your business off on the right foot is to look at yourself and find out what skills you have. Here is a list of possible business models with which you may be able to excel with:

• Writing

• Graphics Design

• Statistics

• Programming

• Networking

Let’s take a look at each of these:

Monetizing Your Writing Skills

A writer is always in demand among Internet marketing circles. You will have the ability to generate income from within the areas of ghostwriting, copywriting, blogging, post writing, newsletter publication as well as general content/material creation.

Contrary to what a lot of people might assume, developing a well written and composed product is among the most challenging jobs a person could carry out. Unless you have a style for creative writing, no one in their right mind would want to mass produce E-books all by themselves (unless of course they don’t mind making big sacrifices for their financial objectives).

Again, writers are an excellent asset when it involves new product launches online. You will be able to find joint venture partners pretty easily if you want to contribute your writing skills to the specific areas of writing sales letters, E-courses and promotional E-mails.

Monetizing Your Graphics Designing Skills

Graphic designers are also extremely important within this specific niche. A graphic designer could quite easily earn him or herself a hundred dollars or so in producing high quality E-covers, blog banners and other types of website graphics.

You could even sell the Photoshop PSD files themselves by giving away the legal rights for someone to rebrand them on their own sites! Among the reasons why a graphic designer may be constantly popular and in demand for their work is due to the fact that graphics tend to sell themselves.

You see, people DO judge a book by its cover and it IS extremely important to try to tap into this mentality. It can make a big difference between whether you get the sale or NOT!

 Analyzing Statistics

As unexpected as it may seem (and boring for me!), generating income online is all about analysing data. It’s all in the statistics! You could learn a whole lot from evaluating data such as your click through rates (the amount of people that click on your sites links or your ads), your impressions (just how times your page or ads are loaded) and your conversion rates (how much you make each time someone comes and looks at your site!)

You should make sure that you have the right tools in place to track your stats appropriately – Google Analytics and also Statcounter are the best in my opinion.


If you are not totally afraid of programming, you will certainly be able to do well when it comes to setting up scripts like 3rd generation JV Manager, currently named Delavo I believe (this isn’t my strong point!) and also lots of others that call for a little bit of technical ability. HTML and also PHP skills additionally can be found useful when it concerns blogging as well as various other web based software applications.


This ability is fairly important when it pertains to discovering JV partners as well as outsourcing. Much like in real life, networking is additionally equally important when it concerns building friendships and also getting the right people to promote your products for you.

If you want to master Internet marketing, you have to not just sit in front of your computer without talking to anyone. You must do some form of networking! A person that excels at networking offline is additionally very able in doing the very same online– it is just that the tool that is used is different (using for instance Facebook, Twitter & Skype). You could also go to Internet marketing workshops to touch base with various other online marketers and speakers.

One Of The Most Popular Forums On The Internet When It Comes To Web Marketing Is The Warrior Forum. Get To Know As Many People As Possible And Build Networks & Relationships With Them!

Choosing The Right Model For You

Here are a few tips on what possible opportunities there are that may be suitable for you to try and how you can strategize your way to building your income online so that you will be able to quit your job ASAP! Sounds good doesn’t it?


I imagine blogging is probably one of the easiest models that someone can attempt. Why? Because almost anyone can become a blogger. Even those who can’t write (picture blogs perhaps?!)

Strengths: You could blog about anything you want! Concentrate on your enthusiasm and passion about a subject. Share your ideas and thoughts with the whole world. If you have fantastic content, people will certainly find your blog site and you could monetize this traffic advertising (such as Google Ads) or selling products through affiliate programs. The start-up expense can be as little as around $12 and around $5 a month to keep this business model going .(You only spend for the domain name and also regular monthly hosting.)

Weaknesses: It might take a long time to accumulate web traffic– a typical person who blogs routinely yet slowly may quit his or her work within a year or two. If you aim to accomplish freedom from your boss in around half of this time, then you have to blog and do some networking with various other bloggers even more aggressively.

Opportunities: You might not be able to see yourself earning money right from the off, however, to balance that out, you can blog for others (for a fee) or perhaps even join PAY PER POST and make money from blogging!

Threats: They say that there is a new blog born or created every TWO SECONDS. It is easy to imagine how much competition you are actually going up against!

Suggested Course Of Action: Register a personal domain name now! This is very important, and will only cost you a few dollars, because the most important person in the world is YOU and getting a domain after your own name is the most important thing you must do. Then you can start blogging about yourself. It will get you started which is the first major step. Take a look HERE because you can start for free.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is among one of the most financially rewarding models on the Internet. You are able to promote other people’s items, and when they sell, obtain commissions for your efforts, and all this without seeing a solitary customer or talking with anyone.

Strengths: In a lot of cases you don’t even need a domain name or a website! You can gain massive payments from up to 50% to even 100% commissions! You do not have to focus on creating products– just drive traffic to the sellers site and also enjoy your revenue coming in (if you do it correctly that is).

Weaknesses: You will need to build up the amount of traffic visiting your website which can take time. You will also need to find a great affiliate offer in order to capitalize on this traffic in order to see results.

Opportunities: There are so many opportunities in this space because there is a never ending supply of new products hitting the market each day and affiliates are needed everywhere!

Threats: You are competing against MANY THOUSANDS of affiliates out there and all of these are your direct competition. Some programs even offer two-tier programs and established affiliates probably have dozens of affiliates under them as well.

Suggested Course Of Action: Register as an affiliate at JVZoo , Commission Junction , Clickbank  or Amazon . Find good products to promote – especially those with good ‘gravity’. Another great product you can promote AND learn more about affiliate marketingis this world leader.

Online Network Marketing

If internet marketing is your thing, then you should learn to search for new possibilities by promoting network marketing programs on the Internet.

Strengths: Very similar to affiliate marketing, you don’t need to see anybody and can promote your programs online. You have the entire world’s Internet users as your potential customers for your downline groups.

Weaknesses: Building this type of online business is prone to being impersonal. Make sure you do not adopt a ‘build and burn’ mentality as this will not do you any good in the long term.

Opportunities: You can so easily recruit more people to your business online compared to doing the same thing offline (where you will always be limited by time and space)

Threats: Globalization – downlines are nowhere near as loyal as they used to be. This is because of the sheer abundance of opportunities available online today.

Suggested Course Of Action: Google and sign up for a promising looking Lead Generation eCourse that may help you to make lots of fresh leads while making money at the same time.

Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is the term used to describe niches that people can target in making money online without concentrating on ‘business opporyunities’ or ‘make money’ type of niches (like internet or network marketing).

It targets very specific niches such as self-improvement, pet training, video gaming, motion pictures or various other things that do not come under the classification of money making specific niches.

Strengths: Especially when starting out the best thing to do is to focus on your passion and become an expert in it. Let’s say you love mountain biking and have a certain knowledge of it, then just talk all about it and monetize from this niche alone.

Weaknesses: You have to plan everything carefully and make sure that your traffic is very targeted. Different niches yield different results as some niches are hard to break into because of large competition.

Opportunities: These niche marketing opportunities are ENDLESS. All you have to do is find a great niche that you can excel in that nobody else, or very few people, are targeting (of course, this is very rare but a lot of niches are not that congested).

Threats: An untapped niche is very rare – so most people go for rarer sub-niches!

Suggested Course Of Action: Do a search on Google for “YOUR NICHE” FORUM (Example: if you are targeting the gaming niche, type in “gaming forum”) this will be your market!

Internet Marketing

The is probably the most popular niche that can be found online today – this is mostly related to teaching others how to make money online or other business opportunity niches.

Strengths: There is a massivley hungry market out there looking to find the ‘holy grail’ of making money online. If you have a product that can assist them to make money, save money, conserve time, save effort or typically automate their business in some way, then you have a big, big market.

Weaknesses: This is one niche that you have to ensure you generate results for your customers. Don’t be a hypocrite by telling others you can teach them to earn cash online yet you haven’t made a single cent yourself!

Opportunities: There are many different niches like resell rights, private label rights, product creation, seo as well as lots, lots more – you simply have to decide which market you are more comfy with and is right for you.

Threats: This is the MOST COMPETITIVE niche online, it is very highly competitive to say the least – everyone is fighting for the same pie – but people are also willing to buy… You decide!

Suggested Course Of Action: Training is a must! Make your living online and learn all about it here for free.

Work 4 Hours A Day and Retire In 6 Months

Now that you have found out about a number of different business models you can work with, you must get started immediately! Take action right now! This is one of the main reasons that people don’t make money online – they procrastinate – and even those that do start don’t give it enough time to see money starting to come in.

So, Why do I want to be my owns boss? And how do I achieve this? Here are a few, fairly simple, tips that will really help you to achieve your goals within 6 months! 

1/ Think long term

Do not simply think of making ‘enough’ money. You have to think long-term as well as developing a business that is sustainable. It’s similar to shooting for the stars. If you shoot for the stars, you might not even clear the atmosphere, but at least, you will certainly be able to clear the rooftop! (Does that make sense? I’m not too sure!) However, if you aim too low or too short term, you will surely fail because more often than not, we usually don’t accomplish our goals to what our initial expectations were!

2/ Build your business around your interests

In some business of the business models listed above, blogging for example, you must be passionate and care about what you are writing about.

If you don’t build your business around what you are interested in then people will be able to sense it. It would look somewhat ‘fake’ and you won’t be able to keep up your interest over the longer term. Before too long, all you will be thinking about is giving up!

If your business is really focused on your own interests it will help you feel as if you are not really working at all! After all, having ONE job is already bad enough. What we are aiming for is to FREE ourselves from our job, not get another one!

3/ Invest your salary into your business

Certain business models need you to make some form of financial investment. For example, outsourcing, buying a domain, paying for traffic as well as a variety of others. Do not believe the misconception that it does not cost you a thing to develop an online business – it can be done rather inexpensively BUT not FREE!

The advantage of being employed as you undertake developing an online business is that you can invest a few dollars of your regular salary in order to get things done. After all, you probably only have around 4 hours an evening and also the weekends to build your business. You must find the best way to invest a little of your money and time wisely to achieve the best results.

4/ Putting up with those negative people

The concept of earning money online is a foreign principle to almost everyone you mention it too. If you tell them that you intend to stop your job and leave within the next 6 months, they will stare at you with that weird look in their eyes which says to you that they just don’t get it!

In some cases, they will try to turn you off the idea, so you must have really clear objectives otherwise; you will certainly never ever be able to quit your job within 6 months (or sometimes up to 2 years). You do not want those people you tell to laugh at you if you don’t reach your 6 month goal!

Why Do I Want To Be My Own Boss?: Summary

The number one thing that you must try to remember is to break through your mental barriers. The only thing that is holding you back is yourself.

I once told a good friend of mine to go and start a site of his own. He told me that it was a great idea and that he will start it SOMEDAY (while saying that his job stunk!) Guess what? That’s right he never took action, and today he is still stuck in his rut of a job saying that ‘someday’ he will start his site…

Hopefully I have managed to answer your question – why do I want to be my own boss? But, please be totally serious about your dreams and your goals.

Treat Your Internet Business As A Real Business And You Will Be Able To Fire Your Boss IN NO TIME! 

To your Success!

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  • Gunawan says:

    Fire your boss! What a spirit! Many people want to be an entrepreneur. To be a boss of your own, you need to have full commitment. You have a big dream or vision, have the ability to fulfill it, with lots of sacrifices and perseverance. There’s no easy way out. Work hard in a smart way!

  • Cathy says:

    At current times, you don’t really need to wait for ‘someday’ to start generating income online. If I was stuck in that kind of mentality, I wouldn’t be making money online now.

    I still have a day job, which I can’t wait to resign, but it’s only practical that I stay with the job until my online business is sustainable and that will certainly take a number of years to materialize.

    I hope your friend will realize how much time he’s wasting building other people’s business.

    • admin says:

      Many thanks for your comments Cathy. Hope you manage to resign from your job soon.

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