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Email From Kyle: What’s your niche?

Choose A Niche

Coming Up With Your Fist Niche


Kyle here, your friend from WealthyAffiliate.com.  Today I want to reach out and give you a hand if you are having a tough time coming up with your first niche for your online business. Stick with this article and you will breeze through this most important aspect of running a successful online business.

It doesn’t have to be that tough!!

A little trick that I use to narrow down a niche and to really definite who my audience is, is to fill in the following phrase.

I want to help people that __________.

If you fill in that blank, you are much closer to your niche and a targeted audience.  A niche can literally be anything, there are millions of directions that you can and your FIRST niche certainly does not need to be your last (and it probably won’t be).

In respect to opportunity, there are 3.75 BILLION people online.  Even the most narrow, seemingly tiny niches can yield a lucrative, full time business.   For example, one niche that we ran a case study in the Premium live classes was on “Football Snack Helmets”.

As crazy as it sounds, this small little case study turned into a great deal of commissions netting around $700 per month for the past 3 years.  It was also featured on one of the major news networks, and this is what we train.

Obviously this is just one small example and the amount you can generate within a niche is far more vast than this, but this is a “itty bitty” little segment of the football category.

So don’t feel like you need to choose something as broad as “health” or “gaming” or “make up” to build a successful business, there are literally 10,000’s of niches within those targeted categories.

If you haven’t had a chance to go through Lesson 3 of the training and the “niche video”, I want you spend a moment and check out a video I created for you outlining the process of finding your niche.

==> WATCH VIDEO: Choosing a Direction, it Starts With A Niche

If you are a bit behind in the training and not there yet, that is fine.  You can still watch it.

In this short video, I reveal to you what a profitable niche is, how to go about finding a profitable niche, and I show you several techniques that you can use to dig down into and find “targeted” niches.  I also curb the #1 “fear” people have when choosing a niche.

So if you are having difficulty coming up with a niche or you don’t quite get the concept of your niche just yet, I do suggest that you check out this video.  I know you are going to find it very helpful. 🙂

==> WATCH VIDEO: Choosing a Direction, it Starts With A Niche

And of course, if you ever have any questions about your niche leave them in the comments below the video and I will be more than happy to give you a hand (along with fellow members).

I have found over the years that it can be very useful to leave your ideas that you have for a niche and the community as a whole will offer their feedback and help you narrow down your niche (or giver you the yay or nay).

Every day I go through those comments personally helping people with their niches!

I know it has only been a couple days, but I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your experience at Wealthy Affiliate thus far! The brightest days are ahead of you and I hope you have yourself a wonderful day!


Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate



What's Your Niche? Learn How To Find Your Niche Market. Not Just Any Old Niche BUT Profitable Niche Markets.

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