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Email From Kyle: What are your “money” goals?

Money Goals

Hey, Kyle here! Do You Know What Your Money Goals Are? No … Well You Should!

Today I want to talk money and what your financial goals are.  Most of us want success online, but most of us never really take the time to define it, nor do we take time to understand what we are going to do to get there.

The most common mistake I see is folks that want money “fast” without really understanding money and how it is earned through creating a business online.

Because of this, I want to get you taking action today within a discussion and posting your financial goals.   These are the questions that I want you to answer.

  • How much money would you be happy earning?
  • How much would you be ecstatic earning?
  • And how much TIME are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?

===> Post Your Money Goals Here! (WA Discussion)

I can tell you from personal experience, when I started out I worked so HARD for 3 full months before I ever saw a dime online.  But the feeling of earning those first few $$ was absolutely unbelievable.  I instantly knew it was real and this “online thing” really worked.

That gave me the motivation to kick things into high gear and by month 6 I was earning revenue every day, within the first year I was MORE THAN a full-time income.

And 12 years later, I have the best JOB in the world.  Helping folks and earning a full time living in the process.

But one thing I never had was help, support, training, tools, or even the ability to create websites like you can within Wealthy Affiliate, and moreso within Wealthy Affiliate Premium.  I can only imagine how having something like this back when I started would have expedited my success.

You have access to Wealthy Affiliate and you can access Premium, the full meal deal for $19 your first month, $49 if you decide to stick around (plus there is a heavy discount if you decide to go yearly after your first month).



If you join within the next 6 days, I am going to add some awesomeness to the offer.   I have spent a good deal of time putting together over an hour of video outlining how I approach niches and how I become an expert within any niche (in other words, succeed within any niche).

And I am going to show YOU exactly how you can do this.  Over the years I have been the top affiliate for companies within many different niches and I really want to share my story and my approach to this with you.

You can get your hands on the “How to Become an Expert in ANY Niche” video class instantly if you take action and upgrade to the unbelievable Premium membership today.  (I will send it directly to you via private message)

===> Upgrade to Premium and Get My Bonus!

I might be limiting the number of these bonuses I give away, so do act quick if you are interested in this “additional” cherry on the top of what is already the most powerful platform in the world for building a business online at WA.


Plain and simple, you deserve success in hitting your money goals!  You have been grinding away for far too long and as a Premium member, you will have absolutely everything you need to create, grow and scale a business online (no more expenses EVER).

And it’s only $19 for your first month.  Don’t talk yourself out of your own personal success, this could be your future in the same way it has become mine.

One more thing.  As a premium member, you can create a business of any size you like.  We have members that are running their entire million dollar businesses from Premium, so once you have access to the tools, the support, the training and the websites within Premium, you really have all you need to grow as small or as large as you want within the online business world.

Go Premium for $19 Today!  I Absolutely KNOW You Will Love It!

I look forward to hearing about your first sale…followed by your first successful month of profits…followed by you working full time online…followed by you creating mass success!  It can and WILL happen. Good luck in hitting your money goals.

Always in your corner,

Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate

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