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Email From Kyle: Ugh, My Website Sucks! Does Yours?

My Website Sucks

Today I want to chat a bit more about a website, what it is, and what it can become. So if you often think to yourself ‘my website sucks’ then this is for you …

Too many people let themselves get frustrated in the early stages of building out their website.  It feels so raw.  It feels so blank.   BUT…that is the reality.  A new website is a blank business and it can become ANYTHING you want it to be.  That should be exciting.

I like to compare a new website, to a blank canvas.  The picture you create will happen over time and as you put forth the effort building it out.  It can be a messy scribble, or you can work towards creating an incredible masterpiece (that drives revenue and success for many years to come).

When I started out online way back in the dark ages (actually 2002), it took me over a month just to get my first website up and running.

Yes, a MONTH! – lol

I had to learn how to code, build my own template (through PhotoShop), and basically do everything from scratch. And my website was pure UGLY. I  convinced myself that my website sucks.

But it converted well.  The reason, I invested my time and energy into the CONTENT on my website and actually helping people.  Something that you are going to learn in intimate detail as you move through the training at WA.

Fortunately for you, the process of building a website is much smoother these days as technology has advanced, in particular the technology you have access to at WA.  Building a website takes less than 30 seconds!

Setting your website up and “painting your canvas” so to speak, will take some time.   It will take a series of brushstrokes to build that beautiful painting, and these exact strokes are going to be taught within WA.

All websites start off as a blank canvas.  Amazon did.  Craigslist did.  Facebook did.  Wealthy Affiliate surely did!  Any successful company started off with a framework and through time, it’s built out.

Your website is no different and after you build your site, you have the starting point for your business.  This is very exciting!

The following video is going to make your initial website set-up a breeze (and is from Lesson 5).   If you are not there yet, that is cool.  No worries.

Work through things at your own pace and you can watch this now, or naturally arrive upon it as you move through the Get Started Here training.

==> WATCH VIDEO: My website sucks: Setting Up Your Website, the Initial Steps

I look forward to seeing your “canvas” (ie, website) evolve in the coming weeks and months ahead.  You can capitalize and create a very successful business in absolutely any niche and I really look forward to seeing your business take shape.

If you ever need a hand directly from me, don’t hesitate to reach out to me through my profile at Wealthy Affiliate.  You can contact me here with any questions you may have.

My website sucks … it wont for much longer!


Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate


Ugh, My Website Sucks! Does Yours? This Is Thought Provoking - But You Don't Have To!

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