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Email From Kyle: The Backwards Rationale That Hinders Success.


How are things going? I just wanted to say a little about what is it that hinders success online.

I wanted to reach out today and introduce you to an ongoing discussion taking place right now within Wealthy Affiliate.

It is surrounding the idea of success, what hinders success and generating revenue in general. I have some interesting things to showcase about the mentality of someone that is working a “job”, someone that is going to school, and someone that is actually operating a very successful business.

They are quite different?

What those differences are I think will give you a great deal of perspective.

I posed members of Wealthy Affiliate a question recently about “money”.  This discussion has been a real eye opener for most.

==> JOIN DISCUSSION: How long has it taken you to earn what you earn?

People tend to perceive the way the idea of “building a business” in a much different way than  they would their career, their education or a JOB (Just Over Broke).  A way in which makes absolutely ZERO sense at all.

And I mean ZERO sense.

Most people are willing to give up 4 years of their time in University to MAYBE get a decent job, yet when it comes to building a business they give themselves months, weeks and sometimes days.

I am going to shed some new light on the topic of what hinders success online, from my experience and from the 10,000’s of successful people I have worked with over the years. Believe it or not, when approached the way that I explain it, you are VASTLY UNDERPAID in your existing career/job.  And the reason is because you probably have the wrong perspective.

==> JOIN DISCUSSION: How long has it taken you to earn what you earn?

So join in.  It will be fun!

Simply drop your comments/stories/feedback about what you think hinders success online in the comments section and I will be sure to chime in and get back to you.

Have a beautiful day!

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Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate

The Backwards Rationale That Hinders Success. This Guy Knows His Stuff. You Should Follow Him - I Do.

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