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Email From Kyle: How I Find UNLIMITED Keywords

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Today I want to have a little chat about keywords, and their importance to your business.

I have been affiliate marketing and running a business within the online world now for 16 years.

In this time, I have learned lots. I have failed lots. I have succeed lots. And I have come to understand things that are particularly important to your business.

Keywords are the basis of all of your success in search engines.  Sometimes types in a word or phrase into Google, they see a bunch of rankings.  They click on a result, and the owner of the website stands to generate revenue from that click (through a sell, an ad click, or otherwise).

But what I don’t think people understand, in particular new marketers, is the sheer volume of keywords there are out there that are “untapped”.  By this I mean, have little competition and that you will be able to rank under in Google and other search engines.


Over the years I have established a process that allows me to enter ANY niche I want, and come out with an unlimited source of keywords. Abundance. Too many keywords, and not enough time…that is the “surplus” situation you want to be in as an affiliate marketers.

I call this technique, the Alphabet Soup Technique and I have outlined it within the follow video inside of your WA back office.   I suggest when you get the opportunity to do so, you watch the following video.  It is PURE value.

==> WATCH VIDEO: Alphabet Soup Technique, 2018 Edition

Honestly, if you watch this video you have absolutely no excuse for not being able to find great words.

These types of word are the foundation of your business and all the content that you will be publishing on your website will have a “focal” keyword.  If you choose your keywords wisely (as the video discusses), you will increase your chances of getting ranked in Google, Bing & Yahoo under these search terms.

This will lead to traffic, which will led to revenue (the money part)!

I personally use the Jaaxy for all of my keyword research and you have access to Jaaxy Starter as a Starter member at WA.  You can set this up within your WA account and connect this amazing keyword & research platform in seconds.

The Jaaxy platform is going to be used in the video training, so I recommend that you set-up  an account when you get a chance.

Jaaxy is the only keyword tool I use because it captures competition and keyword data that no other keyword in the tool can get for me. It truly gives you an advantage over your competition and with a bit of research, you will uncover 1,000’s of hidden gems (keywords) in your niche.

It will also give you access to all sorts of features, including the Alphabet Soup automation feature which is incredibly powerful.

Anyways, I really hope you are loving your experience and making some good progress. And no pressure at all on the “pace” in which you move through the training,  this is not a race.  As  long as you are moving forward, you are moving in the right direction! 🙂

Have a wonderful and productive day!


Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate

How I Find UNLIMITED Quality Keywords. You May Want To Share This (BUT Shhh! - Don't Tell Your Competition!) - Oh NO! I Just Have!

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