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Email From Kyle: Bite My Dust Competition! What Competition?

What is your competition doing

I understand you may be concerned about exactly what your competitors is doing, however I can truthfully state that you should be DELIGHTED about what your competitors are doing.

The reason I say this is due to the fact that most of your competitors are doing things incorrectly. As insane as that sounds, it holds true. They are misinformed and are struggling online since they are listening to the wrong individuals and buying into wrong “tricks” and scams (and there are lots out there).

Initially, the majority of folks attempting to earn money online don’t have access to the appropriate training that you have immediate and unlimited access to within Wealthy Affiliate Premium. This is the most comprehensive set of affiliate marketing  training courses on the planet. Boasting 1,000’s of training modules, over 300+ hours of live video classes on every subject possible, and a weekly training module being released, you are in better hands than even any offline University.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches what WORKS and they teach you the best ways to develop an organisation utilizing this year’s methods, not last!

The Internet is fast moving and most of your competitors are doing things incorrectly believe it or not. Being a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate will put you on a whole different playing field than your competition.

Here are some things that many people are still doing since it is still being taught by the “experts” out there who also have no idea exactly what they are doing.

Backlinking Strategies
Spinning short articles
PBN (Private Blog Networks).
Submitting sites to search engines.
Autoblogging and Auto Commenting.
Guest posting.

These are all things that can DESTROY your credibility with Google and other search engines online. These will also suppress your success as a local online marketer, an SEO marketer, producing authority websites, as well as harm you within the Pay Per Click world.

And worse yet, individuals are losing a TON of cash attempting to do things like:.

Shopify Buninesses.
FBA (Fullfilment By Amazon) Businesses.

Not due to the fact that they cannot work, however, but due to the fact that they are not alerted that they will need $10,000+ in advertising money if they wish to get these kinds of companies off the ground without an appropriate foundation in the first place. The people making money with those types of courses are the ones offering them, not using them.

WA has an amazing set of Live Classes coming up over the next six months (again, you get access to one weekly) that are going to change the game for those that attend live or watch the recorded replay. This is going to put you light years ahead of your competition and will make success much “simpler”.

And if you join today, you get access to our $19, 61% discount on your first month of Premium.

Go Premium NOW for $19!

… Or you can continue banging your head against the wall paying attention to the “other” so called professionals that are teaching the older strategies that Google is punishing with every significant update they make. Or even worse yet, follow their lead and lose a ton of cash as a result.

It is up to you, but I believe you know what the right option is.

Wealthy Affiliate is different. They appreciate you.

Bite My Dust Competition! What Competition? Tell Me, Am I Off Base With This?

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