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Email From Carson: You Freakin’ Rock! (the results + wealthy affiliate discount)

You Rock

Many Thanks & Would You Like A Wealthy Affiliate Discount?


We would like to thank everyone who completed the survey so very much for your feedback. In appreciation of you doing this, we are going to be doing a few awesome things for you (read this full email to find out). A Wealthy Affiliate discount maybe?

The survey responses have really helped us more than you know!

There was a lot of wonderful feedback, and we are glad for the support of our vision at Wealthy Affiliate. We also received a lot of great “constructive criticism” which is really awesome. It helps us grow and improve our service at Wealthy Affiliate to best suit you and your needs as an affiliate marketer.

We know we are not perfect, but we know that in order to offer the best service, we have to listen to our customers as well as our prospective customers. So thanks again for all your insights.

So cool thing is, all of the folks that responded to the survey are absolutely 100% capable of achieving a great deal of success online, and that includes YOU. Chances are you have just been misinformed or have been associated with the wrong training/mentors in the past (more detail to come).

If you have an interest or desire in building a business, we can help you become an AUTHORITY and successful figure within absolutely any niche online. That is the reality. The community of experts and coaches at WA is there to guide you every step of the way.

Anyways, here is the feedback to the survey out of the 10,000’s of responses we have received thus far.

(1) How long have you been trying to create a full time income online?

1. 0-6 months 18%

2. 6-12 months 51% (most common)

3. 1-2 years 24%

4. A really long time 13%

(2) What do you find to be the most difficult hurdle to overcome?

1. Understanding Technology 22%

2. Creating Content 28%

3. Build a website 40% (most common)

4. Focusing on one thing 10%

(3) Have you ever had a personal mentor (coach) online?

YES: 23%
NO:  77% (most common)

(4) What could we do to make WA a better experience for YOU? Apart from a Wealthy Affiliate discount!

  • Make it less overwhelming / too much to learn (373 people)
  • Ability to get personal help (541 people)
  • Earn more money  (408 people)
  • More help getting started (234 people)
  • More live walkthroughs (425 people)
  • Want access to the initial offer again/lower price (855 people)

Lot’s of great feedback and I can tell that most people are action takers. We can facilitate you in your journey to success within Wealthy Affiliate, but ultimately what “you do” will make the difference between you making a full time living online or making nothing at all.

Because of this, and your feedback via the survey, I want to inform you that we are doing a few things that are really going to help you in your journey.

First Awesome Thing:  We have re-introduced your Premium coaching for an additional 7 days.  You can continue communicating within Wealthy Affiliate and get expert help within the community.  As you know this is usually a “Premium Only” member service, but we decided to extend this for you for another week because we know it will help you continue with your progress.

Second Awesome Thing: We have also extended your first month Premium Wealthy Affiliate discount for another 7 days.   This means that you can join Wealthy Affiliate Premium, the Internet’s most elite platform for Internet Entrepreneurs and Affiliate Marketers.  It’s only $19 for your first month of Premium (a 61% discount)!

A Unbelievable “Expert in Any Niche” Video BONUS: Kyle has dedicated hours to creating a video outlining the process of becoming an expert in any niche.  This is the true path to ANY level of success you want to achieve and I think you are going to, be below away by what he uncovers in the over 1 hour video walk-through.

He is talking from experience here and it is going to shed some light on how YOU can become an expert in ANY niche.  Expertise, leads to long term and sustainable success online and if that is what you are after, then Kyle’s training is going to fill in a lot of the blanks.  If you join in the next 7 days you will get this bonus.

I know you will absolutely love the Premium service, I know there will be ZERO regrets and a lot of self-improvement and forward progress in your business if you take advantage of this.  You will never have to invest in another program/service/product online again, EVERYTHING you need is within Premium.

Pick up our Wealthy Affiliate discount – Go Premium today for $19! (works out to less than $0.60 per day)!

Kyle will be in touch very soon so keep an eye out for an email from him!

wealthy affiliate discount
Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate

PS. Again, we have reactivated your initial discount and also your Premium support for another 7 days.  If you join within this 7 days you are also going to get Kyle’s ridiculously awesome BONUS as well.

Thanks again for your help and being a special part of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

You Freakin' Rock! (The Results + A Healthy Discount) Be Quick! Not Too Sure How Long For.

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