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Email From Carson: Niches. (yikes)

Choosing niches

Let’s Talk About Niches – YIKES!

How are you doing today?  I hope you have made some more wonderful progress this week with your website, but always remember to work at your own pace.  This is not a race and if you are moving forward you, you are heading in the right direction.
Today I want to talk “niches” with you, this is a scary term for so many folks, even after the point in which they have chosen their niche.  Some of the most common questions that we get are:

  • Can I create success in my niches?
  • What can I promote within my niches?
  • Where do I find products?
  • How can I be the expert if I don’t know much yet?
  • What about all my competition that I see?

I can appreciate the concerns when starting out, I had the same thoughts and I second guessed myself until I was able to create success in one niche…then another…and then another.

Kyle has actually answered all of these within the “How to Become an Expert in Any Niche” Video Class that you get as a bonus instantly when you join Premium.

In this training, he walks you through the entire process of taking any niche (he actually uses an example niche that he knows nothing about) and shows you exactly how to become an expert in that niche.

He answers all the questions above in detail as he let’s you step inside of his brain and understand the way he literally goes into any niche and creates a successful business out of it. Kyle and I have both independently been successful within MANY different niches over the years so I know you are going to obtain an absolute ton of value from this hour long video!

Get the “Niche Expert” BONUS Training When you Go Premium!

Remember, no “expert” ever starts off as one…

You WORK your way towards become an expert and YOU can become an expert in absolutely any niche you want, whether you are going through the Getting Started training or the Affiliate Bootcamp.

Remember, there are 3.75 BILLION people online.  That is a freakin’ huge number!  When you put all of these people in one place, searching for things every day, you have billions of people actively researching, looking for help, and buying products/services within EVERY niche.

That is why we always recommend you choose a path that you are interested in and passionate about….because well, ANY NICHE CAN BE SUCCESSFUL!

Here are just SIX of the awesome “business advantages ” you are going to get when you upgrade to Premium today…things that you do not have now!

Awesome Websites.  Use the fastest and easiest to use website platform in the world to host as many niche websites as you like! When you own your websites, you achieve more success…simple as that.  Our Managed WordPress hosting is unparalleled in the industry and comparable to $250 per month hosting packages. We offer 24/7/365 direct website support and monitoring!  You instantly unlock 50,000+ new plugins and 3,000+ themes/templates the minute you upgrade!

Awesome Rankings in Google (many premium members are getting 10,000+ clicks per month to their sites!).   You can create as many of these as you want and you can leverage the 30 second start to finish website creation process to pump out MANY successful niche websites.

Awesome Live Video Classes.  If you like visual walk-through training, this is your path to success.  Every week we spend a full hour walking you through a new marketing strategy that you can use to grow your business.
There is no better training than this online and you can take part in a brand new live video class (on a new topic) every week.   As a BONUS, we also give you access to a 300+ bonus hours of past live classes.  Over 300+ Hours of expert training for $19, this alone should be an absolute no brainer (less than 7 cents per hour of training)!

Awesome Affiliate Bootcamp (70+ Lessons).  The most elaborate and helpful training in the world.  Nothing compares to this training anywhere.  This training includes expert help, mentorship, daily video classes, and will take you from being an absolute newbie, to a superstar marketer.  There are many phases to this affiliate training and by the end of it you are assured to be a very successful marketer online.

Awesome 1-on-1 mentorship from Internet MILLIONAIRES.   Most people don’t have the ability to hang out with successful folks like you can at WA, and very few (other than Premium members) have the ability to personally contact Internet experts including Kyle and myself if you ever need a hand with your campaigns.  I have seen affiliate GURU’s charging $5,000 per session for this sort of support and YES, this is 100% included in your $19 Premium offer!

Awesome Business Building Classrooms (13 of them). Want to become an expert in several different categories within the internet business world?  If so, then these classrooms will literally blow you away.  More elaborate walk-through training then you will ever need.  Each classroom includes experts, live discussions, video and tutorial training, and complete lesson based courses!  This are essentially 13 completely different online business models you get to take advantage of!

I can assure you that there is nothing out there that comes even close to what we offer in the WA Premium membership  and you would be looking at spending $1,000’s per month (if you could even find something as comprehensive as WA out there).

If you join in the next 3 days you are going to get this for $19 for you first month + Kyle’s never seen before BONUS!  No obligations to stick around after this as you are in the driver’s seat with your membership.  We don’t believe in contracts, we believe in offering QUALITY service.)

So I invite you to join WA Premium today.  I want to personally see you create something awesome online, I know you can and you WILL with the help we offer you inside of Premium.

Here is your special “61% off first month” discount link (will also give you access to the bonus)

Please let me know if you have any questions about the upgrade (simply reply to this email). Also, remember that your support has been reactivated within Wealthy Affiliate, so if you have any questions about your business go get yourself some live help within the community! 🙂


Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate

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