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Email From Carson: I Just Found LOTS Of Keyword Gems

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Yesterday I was in a live chat at Wealthy Affiliate and someone was asking for help with their keyword research.  Their niche happened to be one that I hadn’t a clue about, the “dress” niche. Lol. Could I find any keyword gems? You bet I could!

However, I do not need to be a professional within a specific niche to quickly find incredible keyword gems. I have never ever faced a niche where I didn’t see endless chance and this shows true to this day. I also can enter into any niche with confidence knowing there will be low competition, high converting keywords I can profit from.

The factor? Jaaxy.

Did you sign up for your totally free Jaaxy.com account the other day? If not I do suggest you do today as you will be requiring it for this training.

==> Set-up your Jaaxy account here

Jaaxy is the only keyword tool you will EVER require, but I do warn you that it is extremely addictive (in particular if you are an Enterprise user)

Now, here is exactly what I did with my keyword research study for “dresses”, something by the way I understand little about lol.

I typed “dresses” in Jaaxy. An extremely broad subject and we won’t want to attempt to get ranked under this term (as it is far too competitive), but this is our starting point for our research study.

Here are the outcomes I got from this search:

dresses  (too competitive)
cheap dress  websites – 43 competition (GREAT)
simply dresses – 97 competition (GREAT)
buy dresses online – 121 competition (GREAT)
wedding dress patterns – 129 competition (GREAT)
simple wedding dresses – 136 competition (GREAT)
lace wedding dresses – 139 competition (GREAT)
format dresses – 152 competition (GREAT)
night dresses – 154 competition (GREAT)
occasion dresses – 142 competition (GREAT)
gorgeous dresses – 200 competition (GREAT)

Remember, anything under 200 competition is a GREAT keyword, the closer to 0 the better.

Remarkably, I already have 10+ keywords that are low competition off of ONE broad search in Jaaxy. The dress specific niche is going to be a simple one to crack with just a couple of searches (I know that with a just a little bit of research, utilizing my Enterprise account at Jaaxy, I will have 1,000’s of remarkable keywords in no time!

I am going to continue on with my research and see if I can find some more relevant search terms.

The next search I did was to “dig” and find even more relevant, low competition keywords. This search I did was on “formal dresses”

semi formal dress advice – 14 competition (GREAT)
mother of the groom formal dresses – 19 competition (GREAT)
formal dresses weddings – 22 competition (GREAT)
semi formal dress for women – 35 competition (GREAT)
bcbg formal dress – 40 competition (GREAT)
evening formal dresses – 51 competition (GREAT)
prom and formal dresses – 62 competition (GREAT)
formal dresses women – 63 competition (GREAT)
beaded formal dresses – 64 competition (GREAT)
short semi formal dress – 66 competition (GREAT)
formal dresses plus size – 70 competition (GREAT)
formal dress patterns – 70 competition (GREAT)
formal dresses short – 78 competition (GREAT)
summer formal dress – 82 competition (GREAT)
summer formal dresses – 83 competition (GREAT)
lace formal dresses – 97 competition (GREAT)
silver formal dresses – 100 competition (GREAT)
maternity formal dress -108 competition (GREAT)
maternity formal dresses – 117 competition (GREAT)
red formal dress – 93 competition (GREAT)
elegant formal dress – 64 competition (GREAT)

So I have actually done TWO searches in Jaaxy and I have near to 35 keyword gems in which I could easily take advantage of to obtain rankings within Google. Getting rankings under keywords results in traffic.

As soon as you have traffic, you can make money in VARIOUS ways, consisting of affiliate programs.

Now if I wanted to sell formal dresses online through affiliate programs, through my own etsy site, through my shopify website, and so on. I might easily do this as an outcome of my keyword research and after that, getting ranked under these keywords. I could likewise offer marketing on my site, I might even sell my website to somebody interested in this specific niche (there are MANY website buyers out there).

And here is some simple keyword REVENUE mathematics …

Lets say that the typical keyword I chose gets 200 clicks each month. If I get ranked in the top 3 positions in Google (which is more than possible) under 10 of my keywords, I would be looking at around 600-700 clicks to my website monthly.

10 rankings x 200 clicks per month x 30% CTR = 600

Based upon the average expense per click, THAT IS OVER $300 worth of traffic every month from producing 10 keyword focused pages of material, and this might be turned into $1,000’s in earnings. Envision creating 50 or 100 or 1000!

And you can scale this as large as you desire. There are BILLIONS of keywords out there that are waiting for you to take advantage of and likely 10,000’s in the “dresses” specific niche alone.

Having Jaaxy is going to really open doors and at the minimum, I recommend that you set-up a free account.

==>  Create free account here!

There is a pro version which is only $49 per month and an enterprise version at $99 per month (for power users).  These should both be considerations if you are serious about keyword research and building an ultra successful business online.

I really hope you enjoyed this insight into keyword research and the true potential that there really is out there in the online world.  Finding keyword gems is endless.


Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate

I've Just Found Lots Of Gems! Keyword Gems That Is! This Is A Real Eye-Opener And I Think You Will Agree Too.

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