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Email From Carson: Get MORE success than ever! What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership?

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership About

Carson here, CEO of WealthyAffiliate.com! Just what is the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership?

I just wanted to pop by today to let you know that there are only 3 days to take advantage of the first month Premium discount.
Again, you can get access to the top membership in the world for learning, creating, and growing an online business for ONLY $19.00 for your first month (over a 61% discount!).  This will let you try it out and see if the our famous Premium membership is for you.
Get full details and access our personal offer to you HERE!


If you are anything like our other Premium members, you will absolutely love the Premium experience.
There is nothing worse than buying into a program and realizing there are a bunch of “extra costs” for this program and that tool.  That is not the case with Premium, it is a true “all inclusive” membership and it includes everything you need to run a business, even a million dollar per year business (as some members of Premium are currently running).

If you decide to keep your membership after the first month offer, you don’t have to do anything and you will be able to lock in at our lowest price WA has ever been at $49.00 per month. If we don’t live up to your expectations, you can simply cancel at any time.

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership? One thing you should know…
I wanted to mention something to you today as well. Currently you have full communication access to get help & support within the community. This includes the live 24/7/365 chat, asking for help within comments, creating blogs and discussions, and contact people via their persona profiles. This is a PREMIUM service that we are giving you a taste of for your first 7 days as a member.
But this is a Premium service, and if you want this level of support (plus additional 1-on-1 mentoring) after this period, you will need to be a Premium member.  So if you are interested in this please make sure you upgrade your account to Premium.

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership? So What Else Do You Get With Premium?
Here are just a few things that you are going to get access to in the next 30 days if you take us up on this offer.

  • Access to 1-on-1 support and mentoring from experts
  • Personal support directly from Kyle and myself!
  • FOUR hour long live video training classes with full Q&A (every Friday) that teach techniques on strategies to help you grow and scale a successful business. Plus full access to all the replays.
  • Instant Access to 100 hours of extra video training classes that will lead to you being an expert!
  • Access to over 500,000 exclusive discussions within our famous forum!
  • Access to take part in discussions with experts that are only available to Premium members
  • Unlimited keyword research.  Discover all the keywords you need to take on any niche
  • Host your own domains.  Having your own domain is like owning online real estate.  It is lucrative and you can host unlimited domains of your own when you join Premium.
  • Instant access to 12 ENTIRE classrooms.  There is no training that comes close to the pure value of these anywhere in the world the classrooms elaborate on many topics, such as SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc. Each classroom has over 100 training modules and full discussion boards.
  • Premium status within the community.  Status goes a long way and will lead to stronger relationships, more credibility, and fellow Premium members will help you like crazy when you need some assistance.
  • 100% higher affiliate commission boost!!

And what do all of these Premium upgrades lead to?
Plain and simple, our premium members are destined for greater success as they are committed, they have access to MORE of what is needed to achieve success, and they have made the personal investment in their own personal success.
When you upgrade to Premium today, we are going to give you the first month access for only $19.00. This is 61% off the price that our existing (and very happy) premium members are paying ($49.00!)

You are going to be joining 1,000’s of other highly successful Premium members within Wealthy Affiliate!
BUT…there are only 3 days left. Your first month discount is 61% off ($19.00) with absolutely no obligations to stick around if you decide that Premium is not for you. You can cancel at any time.

Now you know the answer to the question – What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership? – you now need to take action on this offer today or you will be left in the dust of the others that are succeeding around you.
Get yourself MORE Success Today!

Again, here is your Discount link: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/order/signup?a_aid=h2ShEFAx
To you and your upcoming success! 🙂


What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership?
Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate


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