Email From Carson: 12 Years Later, WA is ALIVE! (JOIN IN)

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Carson here, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate 🙂 I hope your day is going brilliantly and that you are making yourself at home within the Wealthy Affiliate community! WA is alive!

Today I want to talk about WA, in specific our journey over the past 12 years with Wealthy Affiliate.

To be honest, it wasn’t always what it is today.  Like anything evolving, change happens and it  just so happens we have changed and improved by leaps and bounds, year by year for the past 12 years.

I still remember the warm Autumn day, September 10th, 2005 to be exact, when we launched  Kyle and I had independently achieved success as affiliate marketers for several years before we joined forces to create Wealthy Affiliate.

It started of as a “keyword list” website.  We knew that if we could teach people others what were doing, we could help a lot of “regular” create success online and create thriving  businesses online.

WA Is Alive: Our business model was incredibly simple…

Each week, we would release a list of niche keywords that were low competition and higher converting words.  That is literally all we were.  Our price point was $359.88 per year, and people absolutely LOVED our service, but as with any service we were getting requests for  improvements.

And that is what we did.  People wanted a way to communicate with one another.  We added that.   People wanted a way to manage their campaigns. We provided that. People wanted a way to interact with us personally. We added that.

This happened, and continued to happen for the past 12 years and what you see TODAY is a collection of 12 years of tireless effort building out our platform (not to mention our amazing team of 25 employees working long hours to keep the WA engine evolving faster than any other platform in the industry).

Wealthy Affiliate is ALIVE and there has never been a more exciting time to be part of the platform.  We have innovations and break-through technologies that are being released weekly at WA and the next year is going to be no different.  In fact, it is going to be our most brilliant one yet.

Want to read more, I would love for you to take a second and chime into Kyle’s post that walks you through some of the things we have recently released and also “hints” as to some things that are going to be coming your way in the future.

===> JOIN DISCUSSION: A Dozen Years Later, the Future Never Looked So Good

There has never been a better time to be online.  The affiliate marketing and Internet business world is growing at a pace we have never seen in our 12 years in business and the platform and community at WA has never been better.

So to put it in few words, WE ARE AMPED for the future of WA and for YOUR future within the online world.

We are not only a transparent community, but one that also thrives on feedback.

It’s how we get better after all and the reason that Wealthy Affiliate has become THE place to create and grow a business online! WA is alive – truely! I really hope you are making the most of your experience and WA and truly enjoying yourself Caelan! If you get a chance, I would recommend you read that discussion I provided above and feel free to offer your thoughts and feedback.

WA is alive! To you and your success,

wa is alive
Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate

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