Does Auto Affiliate List Building Exist? Part 4 of 4

Does auto affiliate list building exist

Does Auto Affiliate List Building Exist? – Part 4: Traffic Methods

Welcome to Part 4 where we’ll be talking about techniques for driving traffic to your landing page and answering the question – does auto affiliate list building exist or is it all pie in the sky? Now, there’s obviously a limitless list of free and paid traffic methods but for this course we’re going to be focusing on two free methods and one paid approach.

Online forum Signatures

The very first method to consider is the online forum signature approach. Now this is one of the oldest techniques of driving traffic, however it still proves to be an exceptionally effective one for marketers to this day.

Basically, you identify a few online forums for your niche, so if you’re in the online marketing niche you’ll wish to try the Warrior Forum and likewise, if you work in the animal reptiles niche for example, you’ll wish to take a look at Herp Center, and so on.

Open an account at one or more of these online forums. When you’ve got a profile set up, go to the account settings location of your online forum account or possibly the rules area and figure out exactly what the guidelines are for signatures. A signature is generally a little area that appears at the bottom of each and every single post you make within a forum thread.

Originally this was meant for something similar to an email signature: you’d immediately have your name and contact details, maybe preceded by “kind regards” or something like that, attached to the bottom of your message. These signatures have progressed into more of a self-expression thing. Individuals will typically put a well-known quote or an image in the signature. As an online marketer, you’ll want to put a link in there to your squeeze page. Preferably an image that is hyperlinked, but at least a text link.

Now depending on the forum, the rules will be varied on how and when you can use a forum signature. Some forums enable you to start utilizing a signature any way you want straight away, others require you to have been a member for a few weeks or to have a certain variety of posts or something such like.

In some cases you can start out with a text signature and then you’re allowed to add an image after you have been with them a while. Find out exactly what the guidelines are for the forums you sign up with and simply start posting.

There’s one crucial thing to keep in mind though: do not post so many so that it appears you’re simply spamming to obtain your backlinks. Someone will notice that right away and you may get suspended or maybe even totally banned!

YouTube Marketing

The other totally free method to focus on is YouTube marketing. This can be done via a couple of methods. You can either make videos particularly tailored to market your totally free video course or you can make general, informational videos about your specific niche and then mention your free video course as sort of a “go here to find out more” thing. In any case, be sure to put a link to your landing page in your description.

These videos can be webcam videos, talking head videos shot with your phone, screen cast videos or slideshow style videos. Typically, the more videos you have and the more useful the content, the more traffic you’ll get. Be sure to share your videos on social networks in addition to investing some time into typing up an SEO friendly and keyword rich description.

Solo Advertisements

Now the paid method you may want to think about looking into when you’re starting out is solo ads. Solo ad vendors exist for practically every specific niche out there, but the most typical ones are usually ones like the IM specific niche, the weight loss/fitness specific niche, and the self-improvement niche.

A solo ad vendor is generally someone working in among these niches who has a big list of their own and will send out e-mails to their list promoting your deal or lead magnet and sending customers to your landing page. You generally get charge per click, specifically for each time somebody clicks through THEIR link to go to your squeeze page offer.

Some solo advertisement suppliers will enable you to define the subject line and message, others will firmly insist that they word both of those in such a way that their list is utilized to. The quickest and least expensive way to dip your toes into solo advertisements is to sign up with and purchase a small volume of clicks from a trusted supplier.

They have an evaluation and ranking system much like eBay or Fiverr so you can tell who the major ‘movers and shakers’ are. However, you will want to make sure your leads are high quality and, in the world of solo ads, you truly do get exactly what you spend out for. So, if you’re seeing that your Udimi obtained leads aren’t particularly responsive, try doing a search on Google and even within the Warrior Forum for more big name, independent solo ad suppliers and give them a try!

A lot of successful marketers also offer solo advertisements as a side service and you’ll be able to tell which ones produce high quality leads based upon the testimonials of other marketers.

Now, once you have actually got your feet wet you must definitely aim to branch off into, and explore, other totally free and paid approaches in the world of social media sharing and pay per click ads. Compare your outcomes with all traffic methods and use whatever works for you.

Battle Plan

Step 1: Make a video or purchase a PLR video

Step 2: Create an eCover

Step 3: Set up a great landing page

Step 4: Start implementing using these traffic techniques

Step 5: Does auto affiliate list building exist? YES

Do not make the mistake of leaving this series of articles – Does Auto Affiliate List Building Exist? –  without taking action or you probably never ever will. Start executing these steps right away, even if your efforts aren’t immediately perfect, and begin developing your list right now.

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