Does Auto Affiliate List Building Exist? Part 3 of 4

Does Auto Affiliate List Building Exist? – Part 3: Squeeze Page Design

Welcome to part 3 of Does Auto Affiliate List Building Exist? where we’ll be designing your squeeze page. So, for this example we’ll be utilizing Instapage which is our favorite squeeze page designer, but do not hesitate to use whatever CMS you choose.

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Does Auto Affiliate List Building Exist

Does Auto Affiliate List Building Exist

For starters, we’re going to select from one of Instapage’s design templates. We’ll be changing things quite a bit so it doesn’t really matter which one we choose. Now we want to keep things quite minimalist so the first thing we’re going to do is remove all the additional rows which can be done by clicking the erase button at the top left of each section. When it comes to the background, we’ll choose plain white for this example which can be done by clicking settings– background– background color– and be sure to get rid of any background image that exists already.

Next, we’ll need to fashion a headline and sub headline. We’ll just use the text elements that came with the design template. For the heading, let’s try “Grab TWO of Our Remarkable Video Courses for FREE!” and for the sub headline let’s go for something like: “Rush, this FREE deal ends very soon. Click the button listed below to get your 2 courses now!” Next we’ll really want to include the eCover bundle image. Just go to “add new”– “image” and submit the image from your computer system. Click “insert” and drag and resize the image to sit just under the sub headline.

Lastly, we’ll have to add a button. We recommend utilizing the 2 action opt in method as its been revealed to have a favorable impact on opt in rates. We’ll go to “add brand-new” and select “button”. Resize the button to your liking and after that click “modify”.

You’ll also need to change the button text to a CTA or contact us to action statement. Numerous marketers discover that using terms from the visitor’s viewpoint like “my” and “me” produce a higher conversion rate. So let’s give “Get My Complimentary Courses” a try. Feel free to adjust the style options as you see fit then click “done”.

Next, with the button still being edited, we’ll click the link icon to bring up the “click event” drop down, and then we’ll choose the pop up choice. In this pop up you’ll wish to put another headline and an opt in type form. Click “headline” then click “form” to organize this so it’s centered under the headline.

For the heading, let’s try something like “Tell Us Where to Immediately Send Your FREE Courses”. For the opt in form, the default name and e-mail fields are fine, but you’ll wish to double-click the button, click on “button design” and enter another CTA. Let’s try something like “Send Me My Free Courses!” and click “done”.

Next, double click either of the type fields and click “integrations” from the top menu. This is where you’ll select your auto-responder service and link the opt in form to your preferred e-mail list. When you’re done, click “done” at the top of the page.

The second to last step is to click the mobile phone button in the top menu. Here you’ll just want to rearrange things to make sure the page looks good on mobile phones. Make sure to click on the button and do the same for the pop up area.

This is where you’d click the A/B Split Test button in the leading menu if you wanted to do a split test. That’s not the focus of this article nor is it a necessity so we’re going to avoid that action this time, however, please make certain to check out our course on Split Testing if you want to truly max out your opt-in rates.

The last action is to make sure your landing page is compliant with any legal policies. Typically, you ‘d see things like a nonSPAM disclaimer and a clear link to a privacy policy page and let people know they’re joining a list, but just be sure to search for and follow whatever laws apply in your country.

Lastly, when you are satisfied with it all, click “publish” and choose where you want to publish the page. We always choose the “demo page” alternative which just implies it will be hosted by Instapage.

So now that our page is all set we just have to send out some traffic to it, which is what we’ll be learning in the next article.

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