Does Auto Affiliate List Building Exist? Part 2 of 4

Part 2: eCover Graphics

Welcome to Part 2 in which we’re going to produce eCover graphics for your video lead magnet.

You may also want to watch the video version of this course.

Right now let’s head inside which is our advised eCover tool. As you’ll see, there are a lot of eCover templates to pick from. Since we’re doing a video course, we’ll choose a DVD case. When we’re in the creator, we’ll want to pick an image.

The very first option is to choose an image from’s library using the “add image” button on the left. The other option is to click the “upload” button and select your own image.

As you can see we have currently got one of our own images uploaded here. This is something we bought for only a dollar on a stock image site. So, for this example, we’ll be pretending that we’re making a WordPress training course and we are choosing to go with a pirate theme.

Remember, as we discussed in part 1, a special theme or mascot has a greater likelihood of breaking through banner blindness than a generic title like “wordpress for novices” and a generic image like a picture of a guy at his computer.

People see that kind of thing all the time and it’s not likely to get their attention or indeed, it may not look unique. Sure, it’s a little cheesy, but the uniqueness settles it in the end.

We’ll use the “include text” button to insert a title and sub-title. Let’s call this … Captain Jack WordPress Tutorial.

In you can choose from a wide range of font styles and text effects in order to make your title pop out.

Adjust your image and text to look how you would expect a DVD cover to look like on the front cover and, when you’re satisfied with the look of it all, click the finalize button. Do not worry youself though if it isn’t quite as perfect as you would like as you can always return and change things if you need to.

Create eCovers Like These

Once your ecover is finalized, make certain to choose the transparent background option and click download. When you’re satisfied, you can click “close” to return to the dashboard.

Lastly, we suggest you use the very same image to produce an eCover picture of an actual disc. Just click “modify this eCover” which will present a brand-new copy of the one you have just made, and inside the editor, click “ecovers” and select the disc design template. You’ll need to do some rearranging to make the image and aspects look right on the disc but don’t stress, the procedure is just as simple as that previously done for the cover.

Next we’re going to look at setting up the eCovers into a total package image. We’ll be using Creator 7, however you can use any free or paid image editing program you like.

Now we have actually seen our greatest opt in rates when we offer multiple video courses rather than just the one, so for the sake of this example, we have gone to the trouble of produced an extra video course that will be bundled with the original.

We’re going to import our transparent eCover files and rearrange them to look presentable. Once you’re satisfied with the appearance, you’ll want to export or hit the save button and save the file as a transparent png. Done.

In the next lesson we’ll be looking at how to add this image into a lead capture page.

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Part 3 Coming Soon …

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