Does Auto Affiliate List Building Exist? Part 1 of 4

List Building & Opt-Ins

List Building To Create Opt-Ins


This is a special auto affiliate list building strategy which aims to accomplish two things:

1) Get a list building funnel established within one hour and

2) Achieve high opt-in rates.

This technique essentially focuses on leveraging the appeal of video courses to produce opt-ins.

Why Video Courses?

These days, people have developed “banner blindness” when it comes to eBooks, Free Reports, PDFs and other such things. It can still work though, especially if you have the time and cash to invest in making big, magnificent looking, high quality eBooks and reports, but even then, it just does not convert as well as it used to do a few years ago.

On the other hand though, when we have actually sent traffic to opt in pages which were providing free video courses, we saw opt in rates as high as 78%! This is particularly efficient when you apply a unique visual theme or “mascot” to your lead magnet as opposed to a generic name with a generic image, but we’ll get to that in Part 2.

Here, we are going to show you how you can make a list building funnel just like that described above in less than an hour! So, without more ado let’s take a look at this course.

You may also want to watch the video version of this course.

Part 1 deals with video content alternatives. This is where we’ll talk about ways to either make or acquire video content in order to utilize it as a lead magnet. Do not fret, you’ll marvel how fast and easy this is.

Part 2 shows you the best ways to make a stunning 3d eCover graphic of your video material for your capture page.

Part 3 walks you through ways to rapidly and easily develop a simple, minimalist squeeze page geared to optimizing conversions.

Part 4 covers different free and paid traffic techniques and lastly your battle plan for implementing exactly what you’ve discovered. Remember, this can all be done within 1 hour. So, if you’re ready, let’s dive in to Part 1.

Part 1: Create Or Aquire

So, for developing the video lesson or course you’re going to be using as a lead magnet or a free give away gift, you generally have 2 different options:

1/ To create it yourself or

2/ Pay for it.

Let’s look at the first option.

Developing video content is beneficial due to the fact that it can be done for free and somewhat quickly, though not as rapidly as buying pre-made material.

Now there’s generally three types of video development alternatives:

Talking Head

Slide Presentation

Screen cast

Let’s take a look at the Talking Head alternative.

Talking Heads

Now a lot of you may, right away, become a little nervous or anxious about this choice if you have not done this before so let’s put the concern to rest.

Go to your browser, go to YouTube and key in violin lessons. (Please come back here though!) Exactly what you’ll see is a bunch of individuals looking at their web cameras or possibly their smart phone video cameras with a fiddle in their hands discussing the basics of violin playing and maybe scratching out a tune or more. Now does that look costly? Nope. Does it look impossible to do? Definitely not (well unless you have no idea how to play a fiddle).

But the point is you can develop any sort of “talking head” lesson that you have experience in with absolutely nothing more than yourself and your web camera or mobile phone.

But what about those of you who have stage fright and would not be caught dead getting in front of a cam? Well for you guys let’s proceed to the next choice:

Slide Presentations.

For the Slide Presentation method, you would basically prepare an outline of your lesson and prepare it in bullet format through the use of any slide presentation software like PowerPoint.

Then you’d audio tape your presentation either with your computer or your smart device or any other device you choose.

Lastly, you’d take that audio file and sync it with your slide presentation.

Now the most common slideshow software application, PowerPoint, in fact has a function for exporting your discussions to a video file and if you browse YouTube you’ll see there are a lot of simple video tutorials on the ways to do it. And, oh by the way, you’ll discover that those tutorials are actually recordings of a person’s computer system screen while he or she takes you through the process which, incidentally, brings us to the last alternative:

The Screen Cast.

Screen Cast

The screen cast is my preferred approach due to the fact that it needs little preparation and can be performed in an off the cuff manner.

Now although we stated earlier that creating your video was totally free, the screencast method will generally require you to invest anywhere from $15 to $50 for a form of screen capture software application. That said, it’s possible to find a few totally free applications that you may be happy with – just Google. But let there be no question, a little investment in screencast software will return it’s outlay quite quickly!

Essentially, all you’ll do here is record your screen and your voice while you go through and teach how to do something on the computer. For some examples of this you could go to YouTube and look for something like “WordPress tutorial”…

Okay now let’s have a look at the second video content type: acquisition, or paid video content.

There are generally two methods to do this:

Buying pre-made PLR videos or

Paying an actor.

PLR means Private Label Rights and basically indicates you can resell these courses, more oftent than not, together with the right to modify, rebrand, or relabel them, and even put yourself down as the author.

For purchasing PLR videos, literally, simply google “PLR videos” and you’ll discover a lot of online shops selling cheap PLR video lessons on numerous topics ranging from web design to cardio workouts. You can typically uncover these for just 4 or 5 dollars ranging all the way up to approximately $20, $50, or even more!

Since we’re taking a look at something to distribute for free as a lead magnet, it’s alright to stay on the economical side, simply ensure the quality itself isn’t really low and that the content is relatively up to date!

Your leads will essentially evaluate you by the quality of the gift you offer them. When you’re browsing, do not get overly anxious about the “look” of the eCover for these PLR videos since as soon as you’ve purchased one, you’ll really want to rebrand it anyway and this will be covered in the next lesson.

Now the other method is to Pay an Actor to do the video for you.

An “actor” can either mean an onscreen “talking head” actor or perhaps just somebody who will do a screen cast recording or slide presentation style of video for you. Do not worry, the word actor sounds costly, but there are ways to do this beautifully cheaply such as hiring someone on Fiverr or Upwork or even using the chance to use a local school kid or struggling acting student aiming to beef up their portfolio.

Whichever method you select you’ll wish to make certain the end item “looks” really good. To do this you’ll have to create an attractive eCover image which is exactly what we’ll cover in the next part.

Part 2 May Be Seen HERE

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