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What Headline Received 50,000 Shares On Facebook? What Tips Do You Have To Copy Its Success?  



A headline that gets over 50,000 shares on Facebook alone is a headline that deserves to be analyzed don't you think?

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The headline in question is:
20 Lessons Learned in Travelling the World.
So, what made this a super-viral headline? 
  1. It’s a list-post (contains numbers). People love to share lists, as shown in this study as well. 
  2.  It triggers emotion. When a headline manages to activate deep, primal emotional needs, it’s more likely to go viral. In this case, it made readers feel awe, joy, desire (for adventure and changing their lives for the better).
  3.  It covers a topic many people are going to be interested in. Most people want to know how to enjoy a better life, enjoy a fulfilled life, and how to leave a legacy. 
  4. Traveling the World.” Most of us are seeking advice from people who we aspire to be like (most people want to be the kind who travels more, which is part of the explanation of why this headline went viral).
Keep these tips in mind when creating your next headline to increase its chances of spreading like wildfire on social media.  

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