My articles seem to...

My articles seem to get very few social shares. Have you any top tips on how to get more?  



A recent study showed how to get 23.3% more social shares for your articles. Do you want to know how?

1 Answer

In an impressive effort to better understand the world of content marketing right now, Backlinko looked at 912 million blog posts.

They analyzed how factors such as content format, word count and headlines correlate with social media shares and backlinks. And uncovered some fascinating insights.

Among them was the fact that phrasing your headlines like a question can help you get MORE social shares for your articles.

According to Backlinko’s research, question headlines (titles that end with a “?”) get 23.3% more social shares than headlines that don’t end with a question mark.

So, here are 3 tips for writing Question headlines that don’t flop:

  1. Ask something that the reader can empathize with or relate to or would like to see answered.
  2. Avoid asking questions that can be quickly answered with “yes” or “no.” You want people to still click on your article.
  3. Questions spark our curiosity but take into account that curiosity requires a little bit of initial knowledge. If your audience knows absolutely nothing about the topic of your article, it’s unlikely that they’ll want to know the answer to the question asked in the title.

Source: Backlinko and Squirrly