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What Are The Top Google SEO Ranking Factors?  



We are constantly hearing various "experts" tell us this and that, conflicting tips, theories and advice as to the best way to do your SEO. Are there any top tips that we can rely on as being sound?

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In August of 2019, 1,584 SEO professionals took a Google search ranking survey led by Rand Fishkin.

In the survey, SEOs were asked to share their opinions on the relative use and merit of various factors in Google’s ranking systems.

Here’s what they think plays a heavy role in Google’s decision to rank a page higher up in SERPs.

(most important) The relevance of overall page content;


  1. Quality of linking sites;
  2. Use of query-relevant words and phrases;
  3. Domain’s perceived expertise, authority, and trust;
  4. Mobile-friendliness;
  5. Exact match keyword use;
  6. Quality and diversity of linking website;
  7. Content accuracy;
  8. Link authority of host domain;
  9. Page’s perceived expertise, authority, and trust.

It’s important to keep in mind that these results reflect what SEOs think about Google's rankings - NOT how Google ranking algorithms work.

Still, it’s worth taking a few minutes to assess your own SEO efforts and see how many of those top-ranked factors you are currently focusing on.

Source: Sparktoro and Squirrly


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