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How Can Different Affiliate Marketers Get Very Different Results?  



How can two affiliate marketers with the same exact product, create the same sales funnel, get the same traffic from the same source ...and STILL have different results?

Why does one lose out on sales, whilst the other continues to break-even or profit with every paid visitor?

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The answer lies in the conversion rate.

Here's the problem...

Anyone can buy good quality traffic, but not everyone can turn traffic into sales.

For example if you send 1000 quality targeted visitors to a sales page and no one buys, then you know there's something wrong with the sales page.

On the other hand, if you send 100 visitors to a sales page and you make a sale, break even or even turn a profit, then you know it's time to increase your ad spend.

So the REAL question you should be asking is how do you increase your conversion rate?

Should you write better headlines, work your sales copy, rename your product, change your product image, focus more on the benefits, write a better guarantee, add a bonus, perhaps add scarcity?

The answer to that is YES to everything plus a whole lot more.

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