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Want To Increase Lead Count by 280% (Neil Patel Hack) ?  



In a recent video, online marketing expert Neil Patel shared his favorite hack for converting website visitors into leads, and that is:  Quizzes. 


Quizzes are fun, interactive and can deliver a highly-personalized experience. 

Also, they naturally stimulate human curiosity, and the fact that visitors can learn something new about themselves is an effective little psychological reward.

In addition to being a notably-effective lead-generation method, a quiz can also help you qualify and segment your audience.

How to make a lead-generating quiz: 

  • Choose a topic. It should be fun and provide real value to your audience (help them with their problems).
  • Create the quiz. For this, you can use a tool like Thrive Quiz Builder (paid) or PlayBuzz (free but doesn’t provide a way for quiz takers to input their email address. Workaround: add an opt-in form next to your quiz). 
  • Avoid using the word survey and try to keep the number of questions in the 7-10 range. 
  • Send your leads a custom asset based on their answers. It can be an eBook, a webinar, a course, or other assets you can think of.
  • Follow-up via email. You can share more details about their quiz results, introduce yourself, and encourage your leads to share the quiz.
Source: Neil Patel and Squirrly