?800% increase in conversions (by just changing the CTA ) Do you want to know how?  



How a fleet tracking company increased conversions by 800%

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On their website, the fleet tracking company initially had it set up so customers had to schedule a demo in order to learn more about the product. 

They switched that up for an on-demand, five-minute, free video demo.

By simply changing the call-to-action from “Schedule a DEMO Today” to “FREE 5-Minute Demo Video,” their conversions increased by a whopping 800%.

Why is “FREE 5-Minute Demo Video” better than “Schedule a DEMO Today”? 

  • Watching a video is usually perceived as being more convenient than scheduling a demo.  
  • It removes barriers related to time commitments. Schedule a DEMO today instantly raises questions such as: “Will I have the time?; How long will the demo be? Should I prepare somehow?” -  all of which act as barriers to conversions. On the other hand, the FREE 5-Minute Demo Video CTA is straightforward; it lets people know exactly what to expect. 
  • Scheduling involves a later (random) time. This immediately decreases your close rate by adding additional conversion barriers. 

Source: Crazy Egg and Squirrly


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