Using this word can help you boost conversions by up to +110%  

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UX Designer and blogger Paul Olyslager recently ran a couple of interesting A/B tests on his headline copywriting in an effort to optimize the conversion rate of his blog.

In doing so, he discovered one magic word that improved his conversion rate by up to +110%.

The Process

First, Paul tested the copywriting in his list of ‘Popular Articles’ section.

Original text: Trending Stories
Variation 1: Most popular articles (-27.7%)
Variation 2: Popular this month (-11.4%)
Variation 3: Most popular stories (+5.5%)
Variation 4: Popular articles (+110.6%)

The winning variation: Popular articles (+110.6%)

On a different test, Paul focused on the headline for a list of books:

Original title: Recommended books
Variation 1: My book collection (-43%)
Variation 2: Most popular books (-19.1%)
Variation 3: Favorite UX books (-7%)
Variation 4: Popular UX books (+7.8%)

Variations 1 and 2 performed the worst, indicating perhaps that Paul’s visitors prefer to know what the general crowd is reading, as opposed to what his personal preferences are.

The winning variation: Popular UX books (+7.8%)

Main Takeaway

If you look at the winning variations from both tests, you can see that they have one thing in common: the word Popular.

So maybe think about incorporating it into your website copy as well.

Source: Paul Olyslager and Squirrly

Posted : 09/09/2019 9:05 pm

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