How to maximize your website's value  

Caelan Cheesman
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"You need to create a product that is relevant to your users and has a measurable and reliable ROI." – Chris Dixon, founder of Pivotal Research, Inc.

There are some important principles to consider for any website strategy:

Focus on increasing conversions: As explained above, visitors to your site should be as valuable as possible without increasing your cost per user. This will increase your revenue and therefore your ROI.

There are a few ways to find and increase your website's value, and they can all be effective for one purpose: to promote it to the right type of people (for example, to improve a brand's public image, or even a company's business.)

The strategies vary from person to person, and you might already have one or more of your own in order to ensure your site is attracting and rewarding the right people and getting what people want to see, and rewarding those who use your service.

My #1 way of doing this  is by setting up a custom landing page. Custom landing pages are typically a great way of increasing audience reach, therfore increasing conversions, sales and consequently maximizing your websites value whilst keeping costs down. 

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Posted : 13/09/2019 2:10 pm

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