How To Build A Better User Experience With Your Content.  

Caelan Cheesman
Member Admin

The best user experiences rely on an in-depth understanding of individual users, which is largely made possible by content. Understanding the behavior of specific groups of users and the unique behaviors they bring to the site is one of the keys to creating a great user experience.

When designing your content pages, the first step is to make them more actionable for users. It isn't enough to just present content; users need to feel as if they can interact with it.

The next step is to build a system of contextual menus based on an understanding of individual user behaviors.

Here are the five biggest issues with content pages:

1/ Too much content (too many options!)

2/ Too few contextual options

3/ Content that is difficult to find and navigate – users have to scroll to pages

4/ No real, concrete context for user interaction – Users have to go to another place to interact with content

5/ It's easy (and even fun!) to get wrapped up in the task of getting everything in order and designing a site that looks pretty, but the most important thing is to stay alive as a business and as a person. As that becomes harder to do every day, you'll be more likely to get burnt out.

I hope your business gets your creative juices flowing so you can take what you've learned and continue building a stronger brand through better user experience. Now go out and see how you can improve things.

Posted : 13/09/2019 1:44 pm

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