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59% Walk Away Because Of This!  

Caelan Cheesman
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Is the grammar on your site absolutely flawless?

Truth is, grammar can be tricky. Mistakes happen, especially in the age of online marketing where speed is of the essence. 

With so much content being produced every second of every day, it might seem that correct spelling and grammar is secondary to connecting with customers.

However, according to a study by UK firm Global Lingo, grammar matters. A lot, actually. Their research revealed that “74% of consumers pay attention to the quality of prose on company websites.”

Moreover, 59% of users would actively avoid doing business with a company that had made obvious errors.

Glaring typos, comma splices, and irregular verb forms - these all discourage site visitors from wanting to further engage with a company. 

Worried that the grammar and spelling on your site might not be in top shape?

Employing the services of a full-time human proofreader is the obvious solution, but if you don’t have the budget for it, you can use a tool like Grammarly to check your spelling when creating content. 

The Hemingway App is another great one that will also show words, phrases, and sentences that are structurally hard to read.

Source: and Squirrly

Posted : 11/11/2019 2:09 pm

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