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304% More Conversions ( super easy to apply)  

Caelan Cheesman
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Where do you typically place your CTAs (call-to-action) when creating a landing page?

Some companies have found above the fold (immediately visible part of the page) CTAs to work well. 

Other businesses get much better results when they let the viewer read for a bit before introducing the CTA.

In the past, above-the-fold CTAs was most popular because people rarely scrolled down the page. That's not necessarily the case anymore. Visitors are pickier now. They want to see value before opting in. 

So, in some cases, placing the calls to action below the fold performs better. 

For example, Michael Lykke Aagaard of Content Verve found that moving the CTA on this page far below the fold led to a 304% increase in conversions. 

Here’s the split test they’ve run: g" alt="" width="500" align="center" />

We're not saying that above the fold doesn't work anymore. It's just that it doesn't work for everybody. 

Do your own testing and see which side of the fence you are on. Your results should dictate whether you should use above-the-fold or below the fold. 

Firsthand experience is more valuable here than the advice of any thought leader.

Source: Neil Patel

Posted : 25/10/2019 3:03 pm

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