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144% More Sales (this was a Bold Move)  

Caelan Cheesman
Member Admin

Sometimes, as a marketer, you need to take chances and do things differently. 

That’s what one diet specialist did when she decided to employ a pretty bold tactic on her landing page:

1. When people arrived at her landing page, all they could see was a 30-minute video.
2. And get this: People couldn't fast-forward the video. They had to watch the whole thing. 
3. Only after they watched the full video, they could see her CTA button.

Now, you might think this way of doing things doesn’t make much sense. After all, if people are ready to buy in, why not just go ahead and take their money, right?

But the results speak for themselves: 

Her overall conversion rate skyrocketed by 144%.

This shows that sometimes it helps to give people no other option than to listen through your full pitch before you let them opt-in.

Sure enough, this isn’t an approach that will work for everyone. However, in cases where it does work, it’s one of the best hacks for increasing conversions and qualifying prospects. 

It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth taking a chance or not. 


Posted : 22/10/2019 7:00 am

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