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Why Do Some Marketers With A Small List Outperform Those With A Massive Email List?  



Building a mailing list and hoping to make sales is simply not enough these days.

The connection you have with your subscribers far out-weighs the number of signups you have on your list.

That's why marketers with small list of 500-1000 loyal followers can out-perform other big dogs with a list of 50,000-100,000 subscribers or more.

So how do you maintain a good relationship with your list? Answer... keep delivering good content.

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Below you may download over 100 email newsletters with private label rights to use as you want.

How can you make good use of these emails...

* Use them as content filler to keep your subscribers interested in your emails when you're not sending out promotions.

* Use them as article content and submit them to article directories to generate more backlinks and increase organic SEO traffic.

* Use them to attract leads and deliver the emails once every 1-2 days as a mini crash course.

* Post them on your blog to increase your SEO rankings and attract new readers.

* Take relevant snippets of text and paragraphs to help you write great openers to sales letters so your audience can relate to you before you
lead into your sales pitch.

* Same as previous example but applied to a video sales letter script to show your audience that you understand their problem and needs.

* You can extract the tips from the emails and compile them together into one big list. Send out a newsletter and post it on your blog to show your readers that you over-deliver.

* Create short useful reports from the emails. You can then create a simple text-based squeeze page and give away the report in exchange for an email address and follow-up with more emails from the package.

* You can use them to answer questions in niche forums. Copy and paste snippets of useful text to help answer questions in niche forums. People will thank you for the help and will check out your website in your signature link.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but you're only really limited by your imagination.

Plus each newsletter comes with personal private label rights. So you can stamp your name on them, claim copyrights if sufficiently modified,
and become an expert in multiple subjects without having to go through hours and hours of research.

Download your PLR newsletter package
directly below ...

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