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Firesales ... I Have Heard Of Them BUT What Are They And Do They Actually Work?  



I have been told that iresales are one of the most effective ways to buid up cash flow quickly. Are they? And why?

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The reason they work so well is because 1) you gather as much content together as you can and 2) you sell it for a ridiculous price that people
can't resist.

However there is more about a firesale than the price increasing after every few days.

In this exclusive FREE report (BELOW) we'll go into detail on how to orchestrate a firesale.

We'll cover everything from...

* Setting strategic time limits
* Setting the right starting price
* Price increments and final pricing

* How to create a purpose to your firesale
* How to create an offer with strong desire
* Building product awareness early on

* Effective pricing strategies
* Using resale rights products for speed
* Case studies from successful marketers
* Stories of successful 5-figure firesales

Plus so much more...

If you could apply only a handful of these techniques in your business and 'accidentally' make over $1000 on your first try, wouldn't that be worth it?

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