Why do so many blog...

Why do so many bloggers fail?  



Most bloggers fail. Period. But why? And what can be done to minimize the risk of your blog failing?

1 Answer

There is one reason why hard-working people like you often fail at generating leads with business blogging:


Investing too much time in what to say rather than designing what you say to trigger response.


Now, don't worry if this sounds like you.

The truth is we've been mislead by self-proclaimed social media experts about what works. They say what works is being transparent, honest, showing your personality, giving away tips or free advice. But the truth is you can do all those things. But if you don't do it in a way that creates response you're wasting time.

So, here's what to do:

First ... the only thing your potential customers care about is their problem or their goal ... not your personality ... not even how generous you are with offering free advice.

For example, as they search Google, all they care about is solving their problem ... or reaching their goal faster.

So, ask yourself these questions:

What pressing problem can I solve? What pain can I remove? What pleasure can I help create?

Shift your context to the pain your customers need to get rid of ... or the goals they need to achieve faster. And think in terms that do not relate to what you sell.

Secondly, do these 3 things ...

#1) Show prospects exactly how to achieve a goal or avoid a risk. Do it right in your blog article. Tell them how to do something they really need done ... step by step.

This will ...

#2) Create confidence in them ... and (in doing so) trust in you. By helping a prospect do something you'll give them confidence in themselves. That confidence rubs off on you ... the confidence-giver ... as trust!

Finally ...

#3) Show the prospect a way to get more of that confidence you just gave them. Give them a clear way to act on the urge you just created in them. This is where you get a lead. By making a call to action you give the prospect what they want ... and you give yourself a lead.

So remember if you aren't saying things in your blog in ways that creates response you're wasting time.

Make sure you're showing customers how to do something that moves their needle. Give them confidence and then a clear way to get more of it.