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What is the best thing to do with your old blog posts?  



All I do with my old blog posts is retweet them using a Wordpress plugin called Revive Old Posts but is there something more that I can do with them?

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Turn blog posts into an awesome lead magnet (quick)

Lead magnets are crucial yet often highly time-consuming and difficult to create. 

Not if you’re repurposing existing content to create them, though. 

Pat Flynn created a super-efficient lead magnet - and he did it incredibly fast.

In fact, you could probably apply his method in a couple of hours (assuming you already have a few high-quality blog posts on your site). 

Here's what he did:

1. Copied a series of his existing articles that centered on a specific topic.
2. Turned them into an eBook.
3. Made the eBook available to buy (you can do this in about 30 minutes on kdp.amazon.com)

Why does this work?

Think about it: What sounds more appealing:

  1. Getting a link to a blog post in exchange for your email address?
  2. Or receiving a Free copy of a best-selling book that would otherwise cost you $29, 39$ or more to buy? 

Plus, after you manage to get some reviews for your ebook, it becomes a legitimate, tangible product that comes with solid social proof.

Source: Smart Passive Income

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