We have heard it ma...

We have heard it many times. Content is King! But how true is this?  



Content, content, content. If there was no content online there would be no traffic. BUT ... is content really King?

1 Answer

Straight to the point ... YES ... content is still KING!

Let me briefly tell you why ...

Why do you think successful entrepreneurs spend so much time, money and energy blogging, writing articles, distributing reports, publishing
eBooks, creating audio interviews, not to mention video tutorials?

Simple. Because they know that content is KING.

People love content and so do search engines. More content means more traffic and more traffic eventually leads to more sales.

SIMPLE ... not quite ...

Coming up with all this content proves difficult for many of us ...

What about those who ... can't afford to pay 50 bucks for a decent, quality 500 word article?

What about those who ... can't afford to hire a full time writer for $500+ a month?

What about those who ... simply can't write new and interesting content on a daily basis but still want all the benefits of organic SEO traffic?

Content IS King ... So my question to you is how do you come up with your own great, original content?

Leave your ideas below ...