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Increase Click Through Rate By 64.1%

Backlinko recently shared a case study on their site showing how Sean at Proven.com (a job post site for small businesses) used a series of proven SEO tactics to increase organic traffic by 88%. 

Among several other valuable insights, the case study included how Sean managed to quickly improve his click through rate by 64.1 % for one of his blog posts called 100+ Best Job Boards to Find Niche Talent.


How Proven.com Improved Their Click Through Rate By Such A Large Margin

Here’s What He Did To Improve The Listing’s Click Through Rate

  1. First, he looked at Google ads for keywords such as “job boards.” That’s how he noticed that most advertises listed a specific number of job boards in their ads. Example: Reach 100+ Job Boards with One Click. He also noticed that none of them used Niche Talent in their copy. 
  2. Based on this insight, Sean changed his title tag from “100+ Best Job Boards to Find Niche Talent” to “100+ Job Boards For Job Seekers and Recruiters”
  3. He also changed his meta description from “100+ of the best job boards in niche areas like creative, media, technology, startups, nonprofit, constructions, engineering, law, healthcare, and more” to “Find the best job boards on the web all in one place. See our list of 100+ boards right here.”

Making these changes alone resulted in his page getting a click through rate (CTR) of 4.88%. That is 64.1% higher than it used to be. Not bad, right? 

If you’re not satisfied with your click through rates, consider conducting your own Google ads research and editing your title tag and meta description based on what you learn.

Source: Backlinko and Squirrly

Looking at landing page conversion rates in general, here are another 9 simple steps that you can easily implement to improve your sales page conversions and make more money online:

1/ Understand Your Campaign Goals

Your goal is not to sell all the products on your site to every customer, the CTA or call to action should only have one offer. So many landing pages that businesses make have multiple offers on there and they end up confusing the consumer and they never end up buying anything.

So keep in mind you've got to know what your campaign goal is and that campaign goal is to sell that one product or one service and not give multiple offers.

2/ Remember To Write Simple And Straightforward Headlines

You only have a few seconds to hold that person's attention so that headline should actually describe the results of what that person wants.

​A good example would be:

"New mothers. Learn how to lose seven pounds in 14 days without cutting out the food you love"

That's a result that they're looking for, that's the kind of headline you should have on your landing page.

3/ A "Pretty" Landing Page Alone Doesn't Make Money

A lot of people think that if they have a really pretty landing page then that's automatically gonna make them a lot of money. However, no matter how pretty your landing pages, without good content on the page you're not going to make any sales.

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4/ Use The Right Images

The right images are crucial. Do not make a page that doesn't sell your product or service because of the wrong imagry

I looked at a landing page the other day and it was from a dog trainer. She had good pictures of her and her dog but she had many other pictures of other dogs and their owners that were totally unrelated to her business, that was not good!

Image continuity. You've got to have good image continuity. Those images have to sell your product and service at all times.

Here's something important to remember.

Good content coupled with a great image equals high conversions.

5/ Employ CTAs That Make Users Take Action

What do I mean by CTA? I'm talking about a Call To Action. I'm talking about a button. Make sure that button has a color that contrasts with the background, don't let it blend in. Make sure it stands out. If you can put a shadow behind that button, do just that little thing, then the better that button is, the more it stands out and the higher your conversions are going to be.

Also, make sure the size of the button is large enough and is placed where people can see it, all too often people will put a button size on there that's so small that you can't even find it on the page!

In addition to that, make sure the message on the button really says what they're going to get if it's clicked and of course have a button that says "Download" for example and not just "Click Here." Make sure that the button actually is the call to action.

6/ Highlight The Value Of The Proposition

Let people know that you've got something extraordinary to share with them or to sell them and it's a great deal. If you do this on your landing page then you're going to get much higher conversions.

To truly sell the person on the landing page you need to understand their pain points even better than they do. Quite simply, if you can describe their pain points better than they can then you're gonna get a sale.

7/ Loading Time Matters

If your page takes a long time to load it can cost you a lot of sales. Luckily Google has a tool called
Google PageSpeed insights.

You can go there and you can find out why your page is loading fast or not loading fast and make the corrections that are gonna be necessary.

Remember, your landing page is the deal breaker so make sure it loads super super fast and you'll see an increase in your sales.

8/ Optimize Your Form Fields

Now what do I mean by that? Well, if you ask for a lot of information upfront from somebody then the odds are they're not gonna opt in. If you're asking for first name, last name, phone number, email and address then you're gonna get a lot fewer people than if you just ask for an email address.

If you want to get more information after getting the email address you could always do so but it's so important to get the email address first.
The highest converting pages only ask for an email address.

Bills.com is a debt management system and, in addition to it's first form, it also makes use of a multi form in a smart way by asking the customers to choose their debt amount and then goes ahead and collects their information.


Once they've given up their information about the debt you can then ask for their personal information and because they're already involved you will find it easier to get this from them.

And just one more simple point to remember. Users are more likely to give up an email address than they are a phone number so, if you have to pick one or the other, always go for the email and then you can follow up to make an appointment and possibly get their number later.

9/ A/B Test Your Pages

This is the toughest thing for people and I know I've experienced it too where you have a page that's working and you don't really want to mess with it.

If you use a software that can do an A/B test, a popular one is
Kartra, it can automatically do this split test for you. I personally use Thrive Themes.

Click Through Rates And A/B Testing

A couple things to remember.

If you do an A/B split test, only change one thing, don't change two or three things on the page because you won't know which page change actually made the difference.

For example, if you want to change the headline just change the headline. Have the exact same page for both of them identical except for the headline. If you don't want to do the headline, but you want to do an image, then that's fine too ... just change the image but don't change the headline.

Remember, just change one variable at a time. Figure out which one converts better and then you can go back and split test that page again.

Now, landing page optimization is not an exact science, however these nine rules will help you out immensely if you put them into practice. Continually test your pages, continually try new things and you'll see your
click through rate and conversions go up.


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