Earn more money online at home: Checklist 8

Make Money Online With Craigslist

make money online with craigslist

Make Money Online With Craigslist

Ever since the existence of Craigslist since 1995 it has been an amazing resource for all sorts of needs ranging from selling goods to finding a job. If you are wondering if you could make money online with Craigslist, make sure you action the points below in the checklist given:

Make Money Online With Craigslist: Getting Started

1. First, if you do not have an account on Craigslist, register for one. Go to your local Craigslist site, (e.g. newyork.craigslist.org) and create an account https://accounts.craigslist.org/signup
2. Next, click on the link on the top left of the site saying, "post to classifieds."
3. Choose the option saying, “Create an account” by providing required information such as email address.
4. Next, create your first listing by adding in the type of post you want to create such as 'for sale by owner'.
5. Then, choose from the category of goods, the type of item you are posting, e.g. appliances, bicycles, furniture, jewellery etc.
6. Go back to the “for Sale” category and put your item in the appropriate sub-category.
7. Narrow down your location and choose your borough/area.
8. Post a title for your item, choose a suitable price. Then indicate the postal/zip code of your listing.
9. Make your first listing live and edit.

Make Money Online With Craigslist: Ways Of Making Money

1. Opt for selling on Craigslist. This will generate you money.
2. Turn unwanted items in your house into money.
3. Choose a title that is catchy, informative and productive.
4. Research Craigslist. Compare prices for your item.
5. Resell items on Craigslist by buying items already present there and sell them again for a higher price.
6. Make sure you pay a lower price for the items you buy.
7. Improve the item's title, take more appealing pictures and provide excellent customer service.
8. Deliver stuff to make money on Craigslist if you do not want to sell or resell.
9. Price your deliveries for your profit.


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