Earn more money online at home: Checklist 7

Make Money Online With Etsy

Make Money Online With Etsy

Make Money Online With Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace made to showcase items that are especially "unique." These items could be anything ranging from greeting cards and candles to clothes and jewellery. If you are crafty or a dab hand at design or have any other unique skill in this sort of area, then become a part of the Etsy contributors. Just make sure you follow the checklist given below:

Starting From The Basics

1. Find something to sell that is unique and creative.
2. Take a look at the site and other platforms to get an idea about what other people are doing.
3. Make sure you only get ideas and not copy.
4. Make sure your idea can be profitable.
5. Research the competition.
6. Figure out the cost to make each item.
7. Think of a simple name for your Etsy shop.
8. Make sure to Google your name to see it doesn’t clash with anything else.
9. Visit the Etsy page and register for a shop.
10. Go on to this link, https://www.etsy.com/sell and provide your email address.
11. Fill out the form regarding shop preferences, the name of your shop etc.
12. Set up your billing method.

Proceeding Further

1. Start by making yourself a custom logo through Canva- an online Photoshop program.
2. If you aren't comfortable doing it yourself then get someone to do the job for you on sites like Fiverr.
3. Buy a custom domain name to match the name of your Etsyshop.
4. Once your shop is online, look through Etsy’s seller handbook.
5. Follow the prompts on the site of Etsy to select your shop language, country and currency.
6. To enroll in Etsy’s payments click on shop manager on the site.
7. Click "Finances." Click Payment settings.
8. Enter your bank account information here. Add your credit/debit card details.
9. Choose the schedule of your payments from Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, or monthly deposits.
10. Add clear and attractive images of your products.
11. Charge enough to cover your costs and profit.
12. Enter your bank account information while registering for your account. Add your credit/debit card details.
13. Research the most effective ways of posting out and packing your creations.
14. Be aware of the kinds of fee Etsy charges you with.

So there you have it - go and make money online with Etsy today!


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